Are Tiles and Marbles the Future of Business?

If you start any kind of business, then it depends on the demand of the customer. From customer demand, you can guess whether your business is going to run or not. If it goes, then there will be a profit or a loss. However, if we talk about the future of marble and marble business, we can say that its future is going to be quite good.

However, tiles and marbles are being used in almost all the houses today. But the person who did not use the marble in the earlier houses, they are breaking the house and getting the tiles again. I mean to say that the future of this trade is quite good.

Equipment needed for the business of making tile

The most important thing to do before starting this business is to mix concrete and cement machines. You can buy this machine from your nearest market or you can also buy it online. The cost of this machine is about 1 lakh rupees. After this, we need sachets to make marble and the cost of sachets is up to 50 thousand rupees.

Raw materials are required to make tile, such as – Cement, water, concrete, etc. You can buy all these things from your nearest market. After that, you have to hire 5 to 10 people. The process of making marble! Tiles are very easy to make, to make this, firstly a perfect mixture of concrete, cement, and water has to be prepared. When the mixture is ready, you have to pour it into the marble and leave it to dry. When the marble dry, you can sell it in the market

How much does it cost to start the marble and marble business?

If we talk about the cost incurred in this business, then all the expenses will be incurred up to about 8 lakh rupees. If you do not have such a budget, then you can take a loan from any bank and start this business and earn a good profit.

Profit from the trade of marble and marble

If we talk about the benefits of this trade, then at the beginning of this trade you do not get any special benefit. This is because this business takes some time to freeze. However, if we look at the cost of making a tile, it costs around 20 rupees and you can sell it in the market for 40 rupees. If you sell more quantity of marble every day, you can earn millions of rupees a month.

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