Marble City of India

Marble City of India Kishangarh Rajasthan.

Kishangarh is also known as the marble city of India. The city got its name Kishangarh from Kishan Singh who was a prince of Jodhpur
India is one of the largest producers of dimensional stone in the world. The production of dimensional stone accounts for almost 30% of the world’s stone production. The stone industry in India is growing at an exceptional rate of more than 15% per annum for the past few years.
Kishangarh is a one-stop-shop for a variety of marbles supplied to all the Indian states and exported to numerous countries. Kishangarh has located around 30 km from Ajmer on the Ajmer Jaipur Highway NH 8 and is 100 Kms. from Jaipur. Kishangarh is surrounded by areas with rich Marble. Kishangarh is hence the biggest market outlet for marble in India.

Marble Industry of Kishangarh
Kishangarh boasts of over 750 Modern Gang Saw units.
Kishangarh has over 150 Granite Cutters. and around 5000 Edge Cutting units.
The small industrial town has approximately 2500 Polishing Plants and 174 Chip Crashers.
Kishangarh is a renowned city for Handicrafts and it has over 50 Handicraft Units and many border Patti, finishing apoxing plating units.
The market is so huge that over 9000 Traders operate in this area.
Interestingly over 91000 Trucks are loaded per annum from Kishangarh Marble Industry.
The Marble Industry in Kishangarh is spread over 15 sq. km of area and each day over 500 Trucks of marble slabs are loaded in the area.
The annual turnover of the marble industry at Kishangarh per annum is over 1000 Crores.
The marble industry in Kishangarh has given direct employment to around 30000 people and over 85000 people are employed indirectly in subsidiary work.

Kishangarh Painting
Kishangarh is also famous for its unique style of paintings of the 18th century. The Kishangarh paintings are unique because of the elongation of human faces, green color is used lavishly, and panoramic landscapes are depicted in a very elegant manner in Kishangarh style of paintings.
The common theme and subjects of Kishangarh Paintings are Portrayal of Radha and Krishna in elongated faces. In the Kishangarh style of paintings, few things are very common like the elongated neck of Radha Krishan, the long stylized eyes with drooping eyelids of Radha, the thin lips and pointed chin of Radha standing in a graceful pose with her head covered with a muslin odhni.

Bani Thani
Bani Thani is a very renowned name as it is the most famous Kishangarh painting. The Indian Government has also recognized Bani Thani by engraving it on one of its postal stamps. There is an interesting story about how this style of painting got the name Bani Thani.

The story has a dramatic twist of romance to it. In the 18th century, Kishangarh Court was ruled by a poet-king Raja Samant Singh. There was a court singer and poet named Bani Thani who was very beautiful and used to sing very sweetly. More than the beauty and the songs the King got attracted to Bani Thani’s eyes. Samant Singh who himself was a poet started writing poetry for Bani Thani and in response Bani Thani the poet herself responded positively and they fell in love with each other.
Reaching Kishangarh Rajasthan

Kishangarh is just 30 Km from Ajmer, 100 Km from Jaipur, and 370 Km from Delhi. Buses from Jaipur are available every 15 minutes towards Kishangarh on the NH 8 route.
Delhi buses are available to Kishangarh, Ajmer, etc. Take any of these buses and get down at Kishangarh. It is an 8 hrs drive from Delhi, 1 hrs from Jaipur, 25 Minutes from Ajmer.
Delhi Ajmer Shatabdi Express and other express trains connect Kishangarh to all parts of the country.
Kishangarh Sanganer Airport Jaipur is the nearest airport from Kishangarh.
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