Marble, Granite & Natural Stone

Marble Granite Natural stone
Ways to Give Your Flooring a great Look
By D.C.Bhandari, CEO, Bhandari Marble World

Marble Granite Natural stone Flooring Stone
Modern Mythology
Neural stone Tile
Bhandari-style flooring for your home will be primarily Marble tile, secondarily travertine tumbled stone and Granite flooring.​

Marble floor tiles are traditionally Natural-made in molds and baked to a durable hardness. The surface is rich and weathered, much like the color wash you might apply to your floor, walls to give them that antique look, too.
Then there are the distinctive colors. Marble refers to the ancient, land-locked city in the Taj Mahal where the Marble is mined. This is then processing and producing the unique white black, brown-red color.
Tumbled Stone
Another way to evoke the feeling of Tuscany in your flooring is to install tumbled stone or travertine tile. With their rounded edges and pits on the surface, both products look like they have been walked on by countless feet over the ages.

Italian marble for the Hand-Forged Look of the Old World
Italian marble
If you want to go full-on Tuscany for your flooring, you can do no better than purchasing from a high-end Italian marble that understands that region of Italy.
ironically is located in India. But not only India: they supply all around the World.

All marble, have a
High-quality Natural stone tiles are not inexpensive. Surprisingly, though, they are not as expensive as you might imagine. The overstock marble tile pictured here, marble tiles go for about $9.00/sq. ft. Note that overstock products and prices at quality will vary.
Marble Tile Mosaic Borders Complete the Effect mosaic border to these stone-field tiles gives the floor instant vitality.
Tumbled Slate 1″ x 1″ mosaic in India.
Tumbled Travertine
Travertine Flooring
tile natural stone lines. One stone that works well if you’re trying to create the Tuscan look is travertine. This travertine is quite appropriate.
Marble Granite Natural stone Tile That Looks Stone
Tile that looks like stone is real stone. Sometimes, this tile is high-definition imaged Marble Granite Natural stone tile that looks incredibly stone.
Marble Granite Natural stone series is well-named, as it gives any room a style.
Marble Granite Natural stone comes in colors, ranging from Ivory to Walnut. This line is complemented with a series of matching listellos.
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