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Famous Monuments and Sculptures Made From Marble

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Since ancient times marble has been used to embellish the world’s most beautiful buildings. Here we present a list of some of the best marble buildings and structures around the world. Read it out to find out the best use of Marble and do mention the ones we have missed.

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Taj Mahal, Agra, India

A wonder of the world, Taj Mahal was built 400 hundred years ago by Mughal Empire Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj. The beauty is said to be one of the expensive possessions to be ever built, till then. If calculated today the cost can go above 25 Crores. The monument is built with white Marble brought from various parts of the world.

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Parthenon, Athens, Greece

When Athenians set out to build the Parthenon, their aim was to outshine all other temples built up to that era and thus, Marble was extensively used. This design of this building has inspired countless other buildings including the US Supreme Court building, the British Museum, and the Lincoln Memorial.

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Lincoln Memorial, Washington, USA

The design of the Lincoln Memorial was slightly inspired by the classical Greek temple, Parthenon; this Memorial is one of America’s best-loved monuments and is situated in Washington.  It has Pink Tenessee marble for the floors, Alabama marble for the ceiling and 28 blocks of Georgia marble for the statue. The structure believes that it’s a memorial to the man who defended democracy and it should be modeled after a structure from the birthplace of democracy.

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Dome of the Rock, Israel

This famous monument is Islam’s third holiest site and the oldest surviving Islamic building from anywhere on the planet. Built-in the late 7th century, the present structure is a mix of previous restorations, with some of the marble utilized on the inside, and donated, oddly enough by Benito Mussolini.

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Mdina Cathedral

The list wouldn’t complete without some of Malta’s favorite destination visually appealing properties. Floors don’t get more lavish than this. Covered in marble tombstones of members of the clergy and noble families, carrying various coats of arms and inscriptions, this one is really architecture at its best.

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There is a saying that the geometric marble floor of Pantheon is a representation of the Roman conquests as it’s decorated with colored marble tiles from all four corners of the Mediterranean Roman Empire with marbles from Egypt, Asia Minor, Carthage, and Gaul. Apart from the beauty, the floors have a functional aspect as it slopes down so that rainwater which enters the building through the dome can be drained out.

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Ashbagat, Turkmenistan

The capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat boasts an area of 543 buildings clad in white marble. If the marble was laid out flat, there would be one square meter of marble for every 4.87 m² of land. So, not only the monument, this whole city seems to be made up of Marble.

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Peter’s Basilica & the Vatican Museum

The Vatican consists of some really great list of monuments, sculptures, and statues made up of marble including the world-renowned Pieta by Michelangelo. The Vatican has long been renowned for its ornate ceilings, but the artworks on the marble floors are worth seeing.

If you are an avid Marble enthusiast, you would have already been known its significance.


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Polish Marble Table

The beauty of marble is something hard to resist and disagree on. Look closer at it and you will find that some looks like there is a whole new world inside, with valleys and rivers while some look like it has the whole galaxy locked in stone. Because of its luxurious look and properties, it is widely used as a building material. It is formed when limestone undergoes high heat and pressure, while metamorphosis takes place and recrystallize the calcite, changing its texture to a much harder one. Due to the way it is formed, it exists in abundance and can be economically mined.

 Anywhere Soon

Marble is retro, classic and at the same time modern. There is always a place for marble because it blends into any design and material so effortlessly. If having a marble floor is burning too big of a hole in your wallet but you still cannot take your eyes off the marble, go for a marble table. It will definitely be the centerpiece of the dining area. Marble tables are not merely tables, it is an investment and with a little care, it can go a long way even to a few decades, so precious that you might want to include it in your will.

A Little Care Goes a Long Way

Originally from limestone, marble although hard enough to be a building material is still porous to a certain extent. Thus, it is important that when you get your marble table you seal it with a protective sealant to make it more stain-resistant. Most marble tables have a glossy finish and to achieve that, a layer of chemical sealant that will react with the surface of the marble to form a harder layer is applied. But, although pretty to look at and you might want to do your best to protect it from any scratches, it still has to be put into good use. With that being said, your kids may use it to do their homework or just normal playtime of drawing and crafting. Scratches and stains will definitely be unavoidable since it is hard to explain to a kid why they should not extend their drawing from the paper to the table. You should also be careful when serving food because the heat from food may damage the protective layer, use a layering pad instead, coasters for drinks too. Any stains should be attended immediately using either a dry cloth or a wet cloth with just water only. Do not use any detergent which is acidic because it will cause etching on the marble.

Seal It Today, No Broken Hearts Tomorrow

Marble tables are actually easy to maintain if you constantly remember the two rules, be careful and no acid. But over time with high usage, the marble table can still appear dull. If there are no deep irreversible scratches, you can just opt to polish your marble table. Before you start with any marble polishing, you need to make sure that the surface is clean. Always remember to wipe it with a neutral detergent. Next, you can start to polish your table by using the diamond grinder, one of the best tools so far to achieve the best results. Start with a lower grit if you intend to grind away any scratches, and then slowly move on to higher grits to achieve a smooth result. Last but not least, to make your polish last longer and give it that mirrors like surface, seal it with a layer of stone protector. Your future self will thank you for it. Marble tables should not be polished only when you have scratches or stains which you cannot unseen; it should be done every few years to ensure that it is at tip-top condition.

We Are Here To Help

Marble polishing sounds easy but it is definitely not a job for everyone. It can be messy and tedious and so time-consuming. We rather spend the time on something more meaningful thus we are here to offer our services. We provide nothing but the best services at a reasonable price, done only by the professionals. We are only one call away, so hesitate no more and contact us now add by marble stone expert and export team of Bhandari marble world

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