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We are one of the greatest marble manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of all kind of marble stones like marble, Italian marble, Marble Flooring, Onyx marble, Statuario marble, Sandstone, Kishangarh marble, Indian marble, Makrana marble, and Granite at an affordable price. Looking for any kind of quality marble, granite in India or anywhere in the world, you are at the best place. We provide quality marble, Granite, Limestone etc in India or anywhere in all over the world at wholesale price.


Natural stone is widely used in construction, external design, indoor wall covering and even to create decorative objects. Marble, onyx and granite products are ecological, resistant to low temperatures and long lasting. These original materials create a unique, luxury atmosphere at home, at the work place or in recreational areas.


Marble/Bhandari Marble World
Marble is a metamorphic stone, formed under intense heat and pressure that ultimately transforms the rock composition. It is a soft rock, with a porous nature. For flooring purposes, it is mostly used in the living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Suitable for almost any space of your house that you wish must be eye-pleasing and well-maintained; they are also a really good choice for living rooms and foyers. Marbles are an elegant preference to go for and score high on aesthetics.

Marble Slab/Bhandari Marble World
Being the leading names in the industry, we manufacture, supply, wholesale and export quality approved range of Rain Forest Brown Marble, Rain Forest Green Marble, Rain Forest Gold Marble Our entire product range is durable in nature and is stain-resistant in nature. We offer them in varied sizes and designs and can be customized as per the preferences of our clients.

Indian Marble/Bhandari Marble World
Indian Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength and durability. We offer these beautiful indian marble in quality and natural shine.

Italian Marble/ Bhandari Marble World
Marble is evergreen and timeless. It adds a royal touch to the floorings, countertops, etc. The advent of new technology and new materials has not been able to take away the charm of marble flooring.

Imported Marble/Bhandari Marble World
Bhandari Marble Group is the well-known for top quality marble, granite and natural stone manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, exporter, distributor, dealer and retailer in India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh 305801.Since 1631 we are manufacturing and supplying the top quality Marble, Granite and natural stone all around the world

Granite/Bhandari Marble World
It is a natural stone, an igneous rock, formed from cooled lava and magma and hence is rich in mineral content. Regarded as the queen of stone flooring, a few of the minerals include silica, quartz, feldspar and mica and amphibious minerals. They are available in gray, pink and white colours. It is widely used in kitchens, hallways and even semi-outdoor spaces specially courtyards and home gardens.
• Robust; hardest of natural stones
• Can last a lifetime
• Available in a variety of colours and patterns
• Resistance to scratching and chipping
• Durability to acid and rough usage
• High resistance to stains and burns.
• Bacteria resistant
• Easy to clean
• Perfect alternative for warmer places as the stone feels cold underfoot.

Limestone/Bhandari Marble World
Limestone is a sedimentary rock that consists of mostly organic material, such as the skeletons and shells of marine creatures. Over millions of years, it solidifies into solid rock.
All these stone products are widely popular and used for a number of applications. Limestone manufacturers and suppliers from India offer above-mentioned limestone varieties in the following possibilities:
• Available limestone tile product sizes: 30 x 30, 60 x 60, 60 x 90 and 60 x 120 cm with width thickness 2-6 cm

Sandstone/Bhandari Marble World
Sandstone is a rock that develops from sand turning to a stone material hard enough to be used as a building material. The natural rock is a pleasure for builders to work with because of its ease to chisel and cut into just about any shape or size desirable. It’s often used when a type of pattern in the exterior surface is desired. One of the most popular traits of this type of stone is it’s reflective nature.

Slate Stone/Bhandari Marble World
We are The Processor, supplier, and exporter of quality approved range of Slate Tiles. Our entire product range is durable in nature and is stain-resistant in nature. We offer them in varied sizes and colors like Peacock Slate, Peacock Slate Natural, Black Slate Natural, Black Slate Antique, Indian Autumn, Ocean Green Tile, Multicolor Slate Tile, and can be customized as per the preferences of our clients.

Quartzite/Bhandari Marble World
Quartzite is one of the hardest natural stones and is known as a cleaved stone and offers a rustic type characteristic to the stone. It has a similar look and durability to marble, but is different in many ways. One of quartzite’s greatest qualities is the sparkle that it illuminates at its surface. It’s unique in its look and extremely durable so that you can count on it being as beautiful

Teakwood/Bhandari Marble World
Teakwood Sandstone Generally comes with natural textures. Teakwood Sandstone is a kind of yellow sandstone quarried in India. Teakwood Sandstone are used for exterior flooring and wall in interiors as well as exteriors.

Wall Stone Tiles/Bhandari Marble World
Tiles are in common use nowadays due to their custom decor and sleek finish. These tiles could be used in any part of your house and there will be no compromise on aesthetics. Tiles can lend a highly polished finish, though too much polishing would not be a very safe option, especially for kids and for the aged.
• Resistance to water and frost
• Easy availability in shops in huge quantities.
• Variations in sizes, shapes and patterns.
• Homogeneity in size, hue and depth
• Great strength

Sandstone Elevation Tiles/Bhandari Marble World
We are the trusted organization engaged in offering wide range of Elevation wall cladding Tile to our esteemed clients. Extensively used for commercial as well as residential purposes, these are made using fine quality raw material.

Stone Mosaic Tiles/Bhandari Marble World
We are into manufacturing, supplying, exporting and wholesaling quality approved array of Stone Mosaic Tiles. Our product range includes Stone Mosaic Tiles, Small Mosaic Tiles, Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles, Boutique Stone Mosaic Tile, Stone Mosaic Tile, White Stone Mosaic Tile, Mosaic Tiles and different others. Our entire product range is lustrous in nature and requires minimum maintenance.

Wall Stone/Bhandari Marble World
We are the manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter of Walling Stones that are highly demanded and admired amongst the customers for their precise designs and supreme quality. We offer quality tested Walling Stones that are at par with industry standards. Moreover, Walling Stones have high strength and offer cost effective solutions. Our feasible price range makes them available at very reasonable prices.

Wall Cladding Tiles/Bhandari Marble World
We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying, exporting exclusive range of Wall Cladding Tiles. All these tiles are compact in design and are highly appreciated by the clients. Our range of products includes Slate Waterfall Wall Cladding Tiles, Front Elevation Stone Tiles, Wall Stacking Stone, Wall Covering Stone, Sandstone Wall Cladding Tiles.

Marble Stone Expertise/Bhandari Marble World
By quarrying and producing natural stone from properties from all over the world, Bhandari Marble Group is able to produce a diverse selection of products and remain a leader in the natural stone marketplace. Our principal focus is to provide our customers with the best service matched with the most unique selections of product, turning custom residential homes, wineries and commercial buildings into beautiful stone architecture.

Natural Slate Stone/Bhandari Marble World
Natural Slate Stone is a metamorphic rock that is dense, strong, acid resistant and non-absorptive. It is impervious to freeze/thaw cycles and has been used in construction for thousands of years. It is the material of choice for discerning architects, designers, contractors and builders.

Natural Sandstone/Bhandari Marble World
Natural Sandstone Collection Sand-size mineral or rock grains, most sandstone is composed of quartz and feldspar – two of the most common minerals in the earth’s crust. Like sand, it can be any color, but most commonly comes in tan, brown, yellow, red, gray and white.

Natural Limestone/Bhandari Marble World
Natural Limestone weathers naturally over time and its color mellows and blends into a pleasing natural patina. With no artificial coloring agents to fade and no reinforcement rods to rust, the appearance of limestone actually improves with age.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between Vitrified Tiles and Marble
Marble or tiles which one is better in residential space?
In the race to own the latest alternatives for a luxurious home, home-owners come to a screeching halt when faced with this forking path of choosing concurrent vitrified tiles and timeless classic marble. Flooring gives a base, a stability and a subtle grounding effect to the entirety of your interiors. It, therefore, becomes of paramount importance that you choose the right flooring option for your house as flooring is an expensive plan to undertake, one that you might not want to revisit anytime soon. Has dissected the decision making process down to every important detail that you should know before you set out to buy marble or vitrified tiles.

What is Health Benefits of marble?
Marble being a natural stone offers a better choice. Interestingly, if cleaned properly marble can keep away germs and micro-bacteria.

Why should you prefer marble?
This lends marble with the glossy finish that you see after finishing. Marble may demand a little more maintenance regime but why should that scare you from wanting what you like! The pleasing looks and colours and final effect of marble has no equal. Add on the health benefits and we clearly have a winner.

• We source directly from mines owner
• Thus best quality is made available to our clients
• No Mediator, thus you have to pay less
• An efficient team guarantees Quick Delivery
• The expert workforce ensures that we provide all kind of finishes as per the client need.
• Quick Shipping
• Get 1st export quality Kota stone blocks, slabs, tiles and covings direct from our mines.
• We always maintain a huge stock in our stockyard located in Kishangarh, Rajasthan.


Bhandari Marble Group aim is to beautify every residential & commercial project in India. Bhandari Marble Group envision redefining floor styles by making the world’s most exquisite natural stones available to you.

We work towards embracing change, pursuing growth, building a positive team by developing our work culture, our brand and business strategies.

Our founders have more than 387 years of experience in the stone industry and are considered as pioneers of the trade.

Bhandari Marble Group products are sourced from the finest quarries of the world and only the most premium grade of material is procured for our customers.

Bhandari Marble Group stockyards are amongst the largest in the country and provide the widest range of readily available material.

Personal Touch
Bhandari Marble Group product experts have strict quality control measures and personally inspect each block and each slab of marble.

Bhandari Marble Group long established relationships with quarry owners in more than 57 countries make us their preferred partner for the India market.

Corporate Governance
Our internal processes ensure that the employees provide the highest level of service to our customers. Provide them best quality of material with full of satisfaction.
Natural stone is one of the best looks for the exterior of a home. It’s beautiful, luxurious, and it last for years and years. Some of the most notable homes and buildings have been constructed out of natural stone, and they stand the test of time.


We have come a long way since 1969 and our goals have been high on quality, quantity, finishing which is not achieved by any other company. We have broken major records in terms of service and quality hence the true pioneer of marble world.


We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects.
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