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Marble, or metamorphosed limestone, is a beautiful natural stone, with each rock unique to where it’s found and how it was formed. It has been in existence for many millions of years, hidden in the ground before humans brought it to light. Much like diamonds, marble is one of nature’s most astonishingly beautiful creations. Marble tile is more than just a luxurious stone. Its durability and classic attributes make it a truly priceless investment that will stand the test of time. Marble countertops for the kitchen and bath have long since been a staple of fine homes. As technological advancements made the durable material more accessible to the masses, it also became an industry favorite for bathrooms and kitchens.

By Bhandari Marble Group
By Bhandari Marble Group

Marble is an excellent option both for interior floors or walls. If used both on floors and walls space can end up looking too cold, so look at these tips given by top designers for any type of luxury interiors, and it will be a success. Marble floor tiles add a stylish touch into any space especially when combined with other modern materials. The design brand completely elevates the meaning behind marble’s duality and bring a very sophisticated to every single luxury interior.

Luxurious Green
Vaastu Friendly Marble Granite & Natural Stone

Do you need the Vaastu to guide you on the best colors for your dream home? A discovered in a seminar on marble Flooring, Elevations, Decoration, Counter top, Landscaping, Monuments produce significantly lower greenhouse gases than other chemicals mix ceramic tiles and artificial Marble materials. If you desire full satisfaction in installing marble, you also need to focus on the choice of depending on its designs, color, finishes, texture or pattern, crystal, place of origin, its uses, and space.


Architects, interior designers, builders, and customers have observed that residents who independently choose marble considering their favorite colors often receive the pleasure and Vaastu friendly atmosphere in their home. For example, White is the first choice to create mantel peace, harmony, and love, black, might end up reflecting a gloomy ambiance. Discuss the secrets with Mr. BHANDARI as to how effectively we can choose Marble to enhance emotions and overall well being in our family.

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Marble Granite & Natural Stone

Both marble and granite are naturally found stone materials that are quarried from mountains. Although they have some basic similarities, they have significant differences as well.

Marble is a metamorphic stone as it is created by the transformation of sedimentary rocks under intense heat and pressure. This process incorporates other minerals into the marble that give the stone attractive colors and patterns. Marble mainly consists of Calcium Carbonate which is much softer than the components of granite. Some marble varieties may have silica that lends better gloss, such as in Statuario.

Statuario 8

Classic Collection of Statuario White Marble

Italian Statuario Marble is a more exclusive stone. With distinct gray and gold veining throughout and a striking, bold pattern. This marble is considered to be one of the major white marbles. Statuario marble contains heavy, bold gray veining mixed with thinner patterns. That gorgeous Statuario marble, with their classic white and gray veining, has been used for centuries in homes and public venues.

The Secret of Statuario
The Secret of Statuario

Statuario is one of the most valued stones, he says, because it suggests sophistication and is deeply rooted in history, well-established and universally recognized. We all love the look, but the debate about the maintenance and wear ability is bringing up questions about when white marble is appropriate to use. Marble has qualities such as long life, but it’s also a medium to express new shape, color and texture creativity.

Statuario Marble 1
Statuario Marble
Uses of Statuario White Marble

Statuario marble is an ideal stone for indoor applications. This marble variety works well in a large tile format, in the form of counter top slabs, book-matched backslashes or wall panels

Statuario Marble 2

Granite is an igneous rock that consists mainly of Feldspar and Quartz, both of which are very hard minerals. Another type of rock, Quartzite, which comprises almost wholly of Quartz – albeit harder than other natural stones, is also commercially available in the same category as granites.

bhandari marble world granite
Essential of Granite
  • It easily resists scratches and damage from heat, making it an ideal material for kitchen counters both inside the home and outside. Granite counters and backslashes do not easily scuff or discolor from everyday household activities.
  • Maintain granite every three years or so. Both of these materials will easily last for decades with proper care.

16 3

Natural Stone is most ancient and oldest construction material. Each variety of stone has its own strength and weakness, bringing with it qualities that make it best for use in special situations.

Stones are used in masonry, including decorative elements such as pillars, swags and porticoes, as a flooring materials and wall tiles and wall cladding, paving, roof coverings and many more. But today in this article we are going to discuss natural stone flooring option for your dream home.

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Benefits of Natural Stone
  • Natural stone has a broad range of colour, pattern and texture. Every single piece of natural stone differs from the other in colour, texture and pattern and each tile gives its unique look and appearance.
  • Natural stone flooring will become a lifetime and unique home decoration material. The authentic, long lasting, classic beauty and durability of natural stone has added the value of any building. It offers a significant upgrade to the value of your property, a considerable bonus if eventually selling the property.
  • Choosing natural stone is a great choice for durable and strong material. It can survive fire to extremely high degrees. It cannot easily be broken and destroyed.
  • Natural stone is durable and can also be used for driveways and other outdoor, heavy-traffic zones. It is also frost resistant.

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It is all about human nature. Similar to what Vaastu, have to say, the fact that the place where people are most attached to the home can have a strong effect on mood, thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and marble makes a pleasant mood of FAMILY. Human emotions deeply connect with marble uses in interior and exterior it’s a most important matter for like by family members. All colors of Marble that people may love.

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