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What is Granite?

Like the other natural stones, granite is a hard naturally-occurring stone. It incorporates a number of minerals including mica, feldspar, and quartz, which is the hardest mineral naturally found on Earth. The structure of granite is unique because of its granular makeup. This elegant spotted and crystalline aesthetic makes granite a popular design choice. When cut to size and polished to a shine, a slab of granite can transform a home or office.

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Granite Zone

Manufacturer of Granite

Bhandari Marble World is the India-based granite manufacturer in India has proved to be the leading granite manufacturer in India. We have a granite range of slabs & tiles in different sizes and colors with different finishes. We provide the best price of granite in India.

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Granite Mining

Standard and Custom Granite Slabs For Export

Granite is a natural stone that comes with hardness and different sizes. Mostly used in different residential uses and commercial projects. All the construction needs are not the same, so the preferences of the granite are also different.

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Granite for Export

Granite slabs dimensions

The story of granite starts from when a blog size cut in slabs with thickness verities 18mm, 20mm, and so on as per customer requirements. Today we are showing you three different sizes which are highly recommended in all kind of projects also used for export. These sizes also known as export thickness.

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Cutter Size

Gangsaw slabs

This sort of slab type is procured with the help of multi-blade or multi-wire gang saw machines, such types of a machine able to cut slabs in size of 280-340 to 160-220. You can expect a thickness of 2cm or 3 cm.

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Gangsaw Size

Big cutter slabs

If you are expecting such a big cutter size, a multi-blade big cutter will make things happen. This machine can help you get slabs of 130cm height and 220-330cm length.

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Big Cutter Size

Small cutter slabs

This type of slabs is used for kitchen countertops. This sort of slabs is using to make countertops wall cladding and etc.

Small Cutter Size

Benefits of Granite

02 Pros and cons of granite

Hardiness: Granite is one hardy material. With an ability to withstand high pressure and abrasion, including wear and tear, granite is a durable stone that always offers value for its investment.


Aesthetic: Not only does granite provide a sophisticated design with its deep detail and unique granular make-up, but it also comes in many colors, including grey, pink and white. This stylistic versatility makes granite an easy option for even the pickiest of designers.

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Aesthetic Look

Easy-to-repair: If your piece of granite does get damaged, it’s easy to get fixed! Professionals can repair granite slabs in most contexts.

Easy to Repair

Easy-to-clean: Got a granite benchtop? There’s no need to stress about spillages and staining because with granite all you need is regular cleaning with soap and a warm, damp, clean cloth!

Easy to Clean

Resistant: Granite is more than just a tough stone, it’s also chemical, heat, UV, and pressure-resistant so you can use it in just about any application.

countertop orig

Price Range: Granite comes at a variety of price points depending on the specific stone slab. While darker granites are more expensive, there are plenty of affordable granite options for those working under tight budgets.

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Price of Granite

Varieties of Granite in India

  • White
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Black
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Varities of Granite

White Color Granite

Although granite comes in different colors and out of all of them white color is the major color that is used everywhere whether it is flooring, stairs, or kitchen countertops. In white color, there are hues verities available in India. Some of the good collections of white granite are P White, S White, C White, Colonial White, Kashmir White, Alaska White, Alps White, Andino White, New River White, Moon White, White Valley, and so on.

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White Granite

Green Color Granite

The second option of granite is green color granite. An earthy green shade granite with overtones of Gray & brown looks beautiful in the kitchen. Green granite looks amazing when it’s polished and pairs well with painted cabinets as well as bronze, copper, and satin nickel hardware.

hassan green 500x500 1
Green Granite

Brown Color Granite

Brown granite is a frequent choice among my clients for its rich tones and neutral color. Some of these granites have streaks or speckles of black minerals surrounded by a brown background, while others feature highlights of silver, white, or translucent quartz. From light tan granite to dark burgundy-brown granite, this collection includes them all. Collection of brown color is Tan Brown Marble, Antique Brown Granite, Autumn Brown Granite, Coffee Brown Granite, Baltic Brown Granite, Desert Brown Granite, and so on.

background texture white brown granite 1538601
Brown Granite

Black Color Granite

Black color the exotic collections come in granite. It is easy to indulge your home with black granite. For decades now black granite been synonymous with luxury in both residential and commercial use.

ash black granite 500x500 1
Black Granite

Finishes of Granite in India

When redesigning your home with granite countertops, you get the excitement of not only choosing which stone you’ll use but also which finish the stone will have. Think of the finish as the way you want to showcase your granite. Do you want a glossy, reflective surface to brighten up your kitchen? Maybe you’d prefer an earthier, matte finish to lend the room some rustic charm.

honed granite.original
Texture & Finishes


  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Leathered
  • Flamed
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Finishes Available

Polished Finish

The granite’s natural pores become sealed during the finishing process, making the stone more hygienic and moisture-repellent. Polished granite’s stain resistance is one of its biggest advantages. The polished finish makes granite appear glossy and reflective, and it accentuates the stone’s natural hues and textures. Because the surface is mirror-like, it will also make your kitchen appear brighter.

unnamed 1
Polished Finish
  • Brightens a room
  • Most stain-resistant finish
  • Most hygienic finish
  • Enhances stone’s natural color and texture
Rosy Pink Polished
  • Reflective surface accentuates flaws in the stone and smudges
  • Can corrode under acidic or corrosive cleaners
background texture white brown granite 1538601
Golden Brown Granite Polished

Honed Finish

However, rather than reflective, the finish has a matte or a satiny, buffed appearance. In past years, the honed look was more popular as a floor finish than a countertop finish. However, with the increasing popularity of the modern house. this finish might not have the results you’re hoping for. Honed granite also requires more frequent resealing than polished granite because it’s more prone to staining.

Honed Finish White Granite
Honed Finish White Granite
  • Conceals smudges and small imperfections in the stone
  • Smooth, functional surface
Honed Finish Gray Granite
Honed Finish Gray Granite
  • Slightly fades or mute’s stone’s natural color and texture
  • The porous surface requires more frequent resealing than other surfaces
  • Accidental chips or scratches in stone will be noticeable
Honed Finish on Black Granite
Honed Finish on Black Granite

Leathered Finish

If you’re not sold on a polished finish but desire something more stain-resistant than a honed finish, leathered granite is a great compromise. To achieve a leathered finish, you start with honed granite and run an abrasive, diamond-tipped brush over it to create a subtle, dimpled texture. A leathered finish will also better accentuate your stone’s natural color than a honed finish. However, leathered granite is non-reflective and, as a result, can make a small space seem smaller.

lepathora finish
Leather Finish on Black Granite
  • Conceals smudges and fingerprints
  • Enhances the stone’s natural color
  • Moderately stain-resistant
Leather Finish on South Granite
  • The non-reflective surface can make a small space seem smaller
  • Reliefs in the stone make cleaning slightly more difficult
  • Accidental chips or scratches in stone will be noticeable
Leather Finish on Silver Granite
Leather Finish on Silver Granite

Flamed Finish

To achieve a flamed finish granite finish you must expose the stone to heat. After giving the heat to slabs the tiny grains inside it burst. That being said, it’s extremely important to make sure flamed granite is well-sealed because this highly porous, textured surface is prone to staining and trapping dirt and moisture.

Flamed Finish on Gray Granite
Flamed Finish on Gray Granite

Added by expert and export team of Bhandari Marble World



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