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How To Start a Marble, Granite & Natural Stone Business  – Guidance from The BHANDARI MARBLE WORLD

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How To Start a Marble, Granite & Natural Stone Business  – Guidance from The BHANDARI MARBLE WORLD

Many of us launching an online Marble Granite & Natural stone business a few of them know the secret recipe to make it big with their expertise and talent.

Schools might teach you to be creative and excel in your field, but to be successful as a business you need to have some entrepreneurial tactics that no school will teach you precisely (as a separate subject). As a result, a Marble Granite Business might tell you about the quality of the marble granite, the fit, or the designs that will enhance the overall appearance of your interior, but when it comes to starting a business, everyone has a question – how?

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After all the lucrative online business ideas I have discussed in my previous couple of blogs, I am dedicating yet another blog on how to start a Marble Granite business with some amount of Investment? Stay tuned to know what you can do after investing your amount in this line.

PS: Do you need a lot of capital to start your online marble granite business? Well, no, you just need to have an online store which is more feasible than owning a physical store, paying rents, paying for inventories, and staff salaries.

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  6. Tools for website Design and Development
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  8. When Is The Right Time To Launch A Collection?
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Skill Set Required to Start A Marble Business Line

Some of the well-known names in the Marble industry like RK Marble and Bhandari Marble Group self-made stars in their respective fields. They had no access to specialized training or the internet and still were able to make it big with their ever-increasing passion and “the will” to achieve the ultimate goal. We are fortunate enough to get training from certified Marble  institutes and if not that we have internet access through which the world shares and learns.

Though your school grades have nothing to do with your online business, learning skills in a classroom helps you keep a foundation of your talent which you can feed with a professional degree later. Moreover, the specialized courses you join enhances your talent, provide a platform for you to experiment, and teach you the technical know-how that is certainly required to sustain and grow in the business.

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BUT it is not enough…

You need to know the co-operate world to start a Marble Granite line. Most of your knowledge will be gained with practical applications in the co-operate world (you can start with working for a brand) where you need to estimate how your products are selling in the market. Most of the designers work for their passion but dealing with the corporate world gives them the idea of how to represent and run a brand?

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Social Media Marketing is deeply linked to Marble Industry.

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Create A Business Plan for Your Marble Granite Line 

Applicable but not limited to a business line, the very first step to start a successful business is to own a strong business idea and make a business plan revolving around the idea. Once you step into the co-operate world you will come to know that starting a Marble Granite & Natural Stone brand requires the same considerations as any other business – like market research, competition study, target audience research, demand analysis, sorting production, legal, financial, and distribution aspects.

When you thought of starting a business you might have thought of the fundings simultaneously. You may have the funding to start your business, or are seeking fundings from the investors – either way, you need a full-fledged business plan having all the aspects of your business. Business is a must for start-ups seeking investments as they need a strong pitch to convince investors to invest in their start-ups. Know what you need to incorporate to make it a perfect business plan for investors? You need a full-fledged business plan even if you are seeking a loan from the bank.

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Keeping Up with The Trends 2021

The early days are struggling for most of the designers and entrepreneurs – as one needs to work day in and day out to start a Marble Granite Business line / a brand and then too cannot guarantee immediate profits.

A Business  school will teach you the basics of everything you need to find your own strong suit and build yourself from there by simultaneously keeping up with the trends of the business industry. Sticking to a proper niche while collection is a must but you cannot afford to limit yourself to a particular niche when it comes to knowing your business industry and trends. You need to be versatile with the current trends in the business industry.

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Turn Your Passion Into A Brand

Not a business but it takes a lot to start a brand. The brand incorporates everything from signature niche to logo designing, brand values, beliefs, goals, website design, photography, and your brand’s story. Your business sustainability and growth depend on how strong and far-fetched your brand is.

Establish your authority as a brand owning an exclusive logo and branding, an online shopping portal, and use social media optimization to build a lifestyle for your brand, popularize it and influence your target audience. Tell your brand’s story to the world, induce your brand to your own personality so that you are carrying your brand wherever you go. Be deliberate with every content you post on the social media as consistency and appearance is the only key to success.

Here are the tips to plan a creative logo right from the desks of Verve logic – a professional logo design company with years of experience. Also, know how you can set up your online store from scratch?

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Sources Of Inspiration for Your Collection

A year, two, or ten, no matter how much time you have spent in the industry you need the inspiration to prevent yourself from hitting a blank wall. Every person in the industry (as a student, newbie, or professional), needs inspiration for your collection. Get inspired and updated for your collection from publications, follow style influencers, subscribe to newsletters and podcasts. Try to incorporate the recent trend in your collection before the trend fades away.

Go through various materials and bookmark the art that has really inspired you by adding to Pinterest boards, saving the content in your phone gallery, or pin them over the web so that you could find them easily as and when you need them. With your inspiration in front of your eyes, you can keep yourself motivated and carry on with the production of innovative ideas for your collection. No matter what is your inspiration for your collection, hold on to your niche and keep in mind the exclusivity of your signature brand.

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Tools for Design and Development 

For Example, most of the designers still believe in the power of sketchbooks, like Sarah, no matter which advanced technology tries to replace the usage of sketchbooks – it will still remain the most important canvas for designers to jot down their ideas. “I Take My Notebook Everywhere with Me”, says Sarah. “As I am sketching away, I am very often like oh this little drawing would really translate into a repeat design”.

While a sketchbook remains a classic for designers, they are simultaneously embracing the technology for doodling and translations. Doodle is the very first step to a refined design.

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