How Wall Cladding Can Enhance the Beauty of Your Place?

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Things You Need to Know About Wall Cladding and Its Vibe with Natural Stones

One of the most revolutionizing changes has been seen in how structures are decorated from the outside. Today, its application goes beyond the aesthetic factor to complement a building in terms of safety, efficiency, and durability.


Hence, looking at the increasing awareness and demand for sustainability in architecture, the wall cladding market in India is evolving along the lines of quality and innovation.


An increasing number of fire incidents in buildings has lead to the realization of using the right material in the wall claddings in the exteriors and interiors of a building. For instance, a series of fire incidents in the skyscrapers of UAE resulted in the revision of safety codes of buildings. In the wake of such incidents, experts see natural stones as one of the best options.

So,Before we move to learn the reasons to opt for natural stones, it is crucial to know why wall cladding is significant, anyway!

How Wall Cladding Intensifies the Beauty of Outdoor/Indoor Space?

Wall cladding is an additional cover on the existing interior and exterior walls of a building. Adding cladding to the walls contributes to the extraordinary aesthetics of the building. These are available in hundreds of colors, patterns, textures, and finishes that can perfectly match the aesthetics of a building. Any variety of cladding for walls can transform an ordinary wall into a vibrant and lively looking masterpiece.


Exterior paints are not enough to add protection or a unique appearance to the house. Interior and exterior wall cladding is the finest thing to give your home a new look


Marble granite or natural stone is the perfect for every interior. Natural Stone wall cladding comes in different sizes and colors.


Benefits of Using Decorative Wall Cladding

Wall cladding protects a building from moisture, dust, and microorganisms, making the wall sturdy and durable for several decades.


The cladding material used provides insulation from noise pollution.

Some wall claddings like natural stones are excellently resistant to heat as they can absorb radiation and emancipate it steadily, allowing the temperature of the interiors to be mild and constant.


The cladding is non-permeable in nature. It is the best choice to protect home office with harmful events.


Depending on the material used, they are light on walls. The installation process of wall cladding is simple and quick.

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Applications of Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding applied to any wall in the interior or exterior.

Exterior Wall Cladding –

Protecting the skin (exterior) of the house with cladding means you are preventing the harmful foreign elements from entering the interior. High-quality marble is one of the best options to create exterior wall decks.

Interior Wall Cladding –

Wallpaper and paints are no more a choice to revamp the aesthetics of a house. Interior cladding is increasingly becoming a favorite choice for house owners. Explicit warm interior design greatly represents the taste and personality of the house owner.

Bathroom Wall Cladding –

Cladding is a mindful way to transform your bathroom into a glamorous space. Bathroom cladding is 100% waterproof in nature and protects the bathroom from bacterial growth, insects, and molds, keeping it hygienic.

Kitchen Wall Cladding –

Kitchen is a space where health and hygiene is the primary concern. Cladding for kitchen walls can help you keep the space spick and span.


Natural Stone Wall Cladding Options

There is a wide range of natural stones that prove to be excellent cladding materials.

Basalt –

The dark colore wall cladding is suitable for interior and exterior. Extremely high insulating capacity is the most distinguishing characteristic of basalt.

Granite –

Granite wall cladding is popular wall cladding for interior like bathroom. The toughness and the stability of color and texture.

Marble –

Marble wall cladding known for its royal richness. Best suited for interior.

Jerusalem Stone –

One of the oldest stones used by architects is a blend of limestone and dolomite. Commonly applied for exterior.

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Jerusalem Stone
Slate –

This is an optimal cladding material for exterior and interior cladding. Used by modern architects due to its high durability, excellent water resistance, and low maintenance.


Why We Should Be on Top of Your Preference List for Providing Natural Stone?

BMW is a decades-old manufacturer and worldwide exporter of natural stones. We have a long-established export network in UAE and country that adds to our reputation as one of the leading natural stone companies. Our expertise begins in our state-of-the-art quarries and ends in exquisite custom-designs for building interiors and exteriors.


We work with best ways to get the most out of natural stones. We use our knowledge and skills to develop and install cladding in the most effective ways to help you minimize cost and maintenance.


Our dedication combined with artisan skills, cutting-edge technology, and deep-rooted expertise can help you transform a building into a home.


Add by expert and export team of Bhandari Marble World


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