Indian Marble


Indian Marble

Indian marble is a high-esteem marble in India that is incredibly popular for its durability, strength, and most significantly its exquisite textures. Quarried from the mines of India, this medium luster marble boasts of its ornamental property, varied colors, and vein patterns. These pleasing characteristics and of course low cost make Indian marble one of the most sought materials for multifarious applications. 


Choose from the wide range of supreme quality marble at Bhandari Marble and match them with your interior themes. In homes, hotels, temples, or offices, the versatile Indian marble finds application in all kinds of interiors and exteriors. On top of that, this stone can very conveniently outlive you in terms of your life span.

Here are some basic specifications about the Indian Marble:

Name- Indian Marble

Color- White, black, beige, gray, pink, red, yellow, and green

Origin- India

Application- Flooring, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, tables, stairs, etc.

Types- Slab

Bhandari Marble – A Recognized Indian Marble Manufacturer

The Bhandari Marble is an acknowledged manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Indian Marble. Since its inception in 1969, our foremost unit in Kishangarh has served a substantial number of clients. Be it a residential property or commercial, our marble collection has never failed to impress the customers. If you’re planning to source Indian marble, it is time to pay a visit to the exquisite stockyard of Bhandari Marble and choose your favorites.


Indian Marble Price

The Indian marble comes in an endless range of forms, hues, sizes, and textures. Depending on these very properties the per square feet rate of a particular Indian marble is determined. At Bhandari Marble, we assure to deliver our customers the highest quality of marbles at the best prices. Not just that, but sourcing the desired marbles is also convenient with the assistance of our competent experts.

Indian Marble Tiles

The foremost reason why Indian marble tiles are becoming the first choice of several customers is their beauty. These marble tiles can easily grab customers’ attention and convince them to make a purchase. By adding a heritage charm and a unique character, these marble tiles can lend an endless beauty to your space.  Bhandari Marble offers an exclusive range of Indian marble tiles for living spaces, kitchen countertops, and bathrooms at cost-effective rates.

Indian Marble Slabs

At Bhandari Marble, customers get supreme quality and highly durable Indian marble slabs. Being the largest supplier of marble in Kishangarh, it becomes our responsibility to leave no stone unturned to cater to the dynamic needs of the customers. Therefore, before the marble reaches its buyer or end-user, it is checked and undergoes the necessary finishing.