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Indian Statuario Vs Italian Statuario

Italian Statuario Vs Indian Statuario Marble Which one you select for your Marble Flooring

Are you looking to give a special touch to your new home or reinvent your existing space flooring? Your first choice might be a delicate and regal marble for floors. It is definitely a notch above synthetic vitrified or porcelain tiles and is available in a wide range of colors and varieties, depending upon your taste and preference. When you start looking into marble, there is one big choice that you have to make– Indian marble or its Italian Marble.

Since they are so delicate, nylon net is often fixed to their backs for added strength and durability. Sometimes, some other types of hard stones like granite or other stronger varieties of marble are fixed to their back and sides to prevent them from crumbling or chipping during transportation. They can also be treated with epoxy resin and other pigmentation. In such a case, Italian marble is sold in the market as a pre-polished, one-sided stone to hide these chemical sealers. Marbles can also lose their shine over time. So, at regular intervals, marbles need to be polished and sealed periodically to create a protective barrier against staining and scratching.


Here at Bhandari Marble World, we are natural stone suppliers. We believe the properties of natural stone make it a premier choice for your home’s interior design. Not only is the beauty of natural stone timeless, but its durability makes it stand the test of time, even in the busiest households.

In this post, we’re going to focus on why natural stone is the best choice for a fireplace.

  1. The Beauty of Natural Stone

Natural stone is a popular choice for architects and interior designers worldwide because of its aesthetic appeal. The varying tones of natural stone can be used to match the atmosphere of any home. Our natural limestone can complement a range of palettes, from honey and creams, to greys and browns. Take a look at our brochure to view our range.

  1. The Durability of Natural Stone

As interior stone suppliers, we know you’re looking for designs that will last. This is one of the major reasons why stone is such a wonderful choice for enhancing your interior design. Stone is resistant to heavy wear, even in the more active of households, and is easy to maintain. The appearance of stone doesn’t diminish over time, and stone isn’t prone to natural decay.

  1. The Individual Touch

Brick fireplaces – the main competitor of the stone fireplace – have several disadvantages compared to stone. One of these is the fact that brickwork is far more limited than stone design. Stone lends itself well to non-standard sizes and unique designs. As the patterns in stone are individually carved, they can be truly special. Brilliant, responsive, thoughtful…Bhandari Marble World came up with great suggestions for a non-standard sized fireplace, cut and delivered some beautiful stone and provided real value for money. The room now looks fantastic and I’m in love with the final result!

And far beyond the uniqueness brought to natural stone fireplaces by the way they are carved and installed, you’ll find that no two natural stone designs will ever be the same. This is because the composition and natural formation of the stone creates different patterns and colourings that makes each and every slab entirely unique.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Soot and dirt can quickly mar some types of fireplaces. Brick fireplaces are porous, which make them difficult to clean. They can quickly start to look grimy. On the other hand, sealant can be applied to natural stone to act as a barrier against dirt. A simple cloth and warm water are enough to keep a natural stone fireplace sparkling. Brickwork takes much more regular and timely maintenance to stay looking new.


White Statuario Marbles are used for flooring and wall in interiors as well as exteriors. Generally, comes with natural textures and white colour and it has nice durability and strength.


White Statuario Marbles are used for flooring and wall in interiors as well as exteriors. Generally, comes with natural textures and white colour and it has nice durability and strength.

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble has soft veining and is takes on a blue-Gray background. The Gray background of this Italian marble shows off Gray flecks and linear veining.  In comparison to other marbles, Carrara has a more subtle appearance. True to its name, Carrara marble is quarried in northern Tuscany, Italy, in the city of Carrara.

Calacatta Marble

Italian Calacatta marble has a pure white background with gorgeous, dramatic gold and gray veining. Calacatta does not follow a linear pattern and is often considered one of the most luxurious and pure marbles in appearance. If you’re looking for heavy veining, this choice is much bolder than Carrara marble, with thicker and larger patterns.

Difference in Properties


All types of Italian marble stones are available only in slab form. On the other hand, Indian marble comes in the form of marble tiles, slabs, and blocks.


Marble slabs from Italy are typically available in thickness ranging from 18 mm to 20 mm. Whereas the thickness of the Indian stones goes up to 30 mm.


Italian marble stones come in different colors and textures. But the varieties are limited to white, light grey, beige, brown and golden. Whereas Indian marble comes in all color spectrums that reside in a rainbow. From white, yellow, green, to blue, red, golden, and black.


The polish on Italian marble is only on one side of the slab. The case with Indian marble is completely different. The natural stone is available as both sides polished, or both sides unpolished depending on customer requirement.



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