Kishangarh Granite Price List

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Kishangarh Granite Price List :-

S.No.Granite (Price)Granite Image
1.Bala Flower  Rs.(60-100)
2.Black Galaxy Rs.(65-120)
3.Black Pearl Rs.(70-100)Black Pearl Marble
4.Blue Pearl Rs.(50-90)
5.Cats Eye Rs.(60-90)
6.Chima Pink Rs.(55-85)
7.China White Rs.(65-90)
8.Corona Pink Rs.(50-90)
9.Crystal Yellow Rs.(55-95)
10.Desrt Brown Rs.(60-90)
11.Ilkal Red Rs.(55-90)
12.Indian Juparana Rs.(50-70)
13.Jem Red Rs.(55-80)
14.Jhansi Red Rs.(60-90)
15.Kashmir Gold Rs.(70-110)
16.Khammam Medium Black Rs.(60-110)
17.Khammam Zed Black Rs.(55-95)
18.Koliwada Blue Rs.(60-85)
19.Lakha Red Rs.(65-95)
20.Lavendre Blue Rs.(55-75)
21.rosy Gloud Rs.(55-95)
22.Multi Red Rs.(60-90)
23.Nasoli Flower Rs.(55-95)
24.P White Rs.(65-110)
25.Pardiso Rs.(50-90)
26.Pink Pearl Rs.(60-90)
27.Rajasthan Black Rs.(65-85)
28.Rajshree Red Rs.(55-80)
29.Rbi Red Rs.(60-90)
30.Rosy Pink Rs.(60-85)
31.Sindoori Red Rs.(60-90)
32.Tan Brown Rs.(70-110)
33.Warangel Black Rs.(70-110)