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Marble flooring tiles come in varying colors and surface patterns. The contrasting color lines running through the surface are known as veining, which can be heavy and pronounced or delicate and barely noticeable. While more than a hundred varieties of marble exist, there are three main categories, each type identified by its appearance.

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With a gathering of choices open correspondingly as getting your home improved, you would need to go for the best materials that would most likely draw out the substance of your home. With different individuals trying to examine a blueprint of flooring decisions, you would need to pick about which kind of flooring you should need to oblige your home. There is a blend of decisions concerning the different kinds of flooring, and after that going for marble flooring would no doubt strong to be a predominant decision.

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Flooring is the general term for an unending covering of a story. Floor covering is delineated as an all-out material related to a story structure to give a compact surface. Distinctive flooring materials are accessible in the market. Marble flooring is one of the outstanding sorts of flooring materials.

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White Marble: It is the most perfectly radiant Marble; it makes the rooms look bigger and brighter. White Marble is available in many subtypes like Talai white marble, Opal white marble, Zanjhar white marble, White Sangemarmar marble, Makrana pure white marble, Carrara White Marble, Indian Statuario Marble, and Morwad white marble. However, this requires quite more maintenance than other types of Marble it is still preferred over others because it refines the entire décor. Depending on the type of white Marble, its quality, and the dealer, the price may vary from Rs. 120 to Rs. 400 per square foot.

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Beige Marble: Another type of Marble that brings sophistication to the house is Beige Marble; this brings the necessary warmth to the room and cozies up the interiors. This highly durable Marble comes in multiple types for flooring purposes.

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Moscato Beige: Moscato Beige has a homogenous background with a combination of soft toasted colors, and the veins are pearly. Travertines have natural pastel tones that resemble sand and earth. Bottochino is also a beige calcite marble that has a soft beige base that contains light golden streaks and white shadows which mimics the sea foam. Premium Beige is a type that can replace white marbles; it has a clean and crisp appearance with its subtle beige tone. These marble tile prices start from Rs. 60 to 200 per square foot.


Carrara: This popular white marble was used centuries ago in ancient Greece and Rome, appearing in massive pillars and elaborate statues. Today, Carrara marble flooring tiles can be found in limited hues, ranging from light to warm white, and its surface features medium to light gray veining.


Calacatta: A white marble similar to Carrara, Calacatta is closer to pure white in color and features darker gray veining, which creates a contrasting look.

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Breccia: For more color and warmth in marble flooring, consider Breccia marble, which comes in a range of deeper shades, including warm golds, tans, deep browns, and reds. The dark gray and black veining in Breccia marble tends to appear in ornate swirls, and it frequently includes perfectly round outlines that resemble bubbles trapped beneath the surface.

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Marble flooring isn’t always shiny—nor should it be.

The above types of marble can be finished to either a high gloss or a matte look, depending on what’s best suited for the location.

Polished Marble: The most popular option for marble flooring comes with a high-gloss appearance, achieved by grinding the surface with a stone-polishing machine. Polishing brings out the veining in the marble and gives the floor a radiant luxurious look. With the right maintenance (see below), polished marble will retain a reflective finish for many years.

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Honed Marble: This type of finish is only lightly polished, just enough to produce a flat smooth surface, but not enough to create a shine. Honed marble offers a durable surface with a soft matte finish some consider more down to earth than flashier polished marble.


Quality also varies by surface design and density. While no industry standard exists, a few factors can tip you off to the tile’s quality.

Mesh-backed tiles are mounted on a backing of fiberglass resin. These are typically lower-end marble tiles, which are often less dense and more prone to scratching or breaking. Mesh-backed tiles are suitable for low-traffic rooms, such as bathrooms, but they are less desirable in high-traffic areas where they may show signs of wear more quickly.


Lower quality tiles may feature-filled areas. When you look at the tile straight on, you might not notice any difference, but if you turn the tile at a 45-degree angle, you might spot irregular dull patches, which indicate holes in the tile’s surface have been filled with a resin compound. Over time, the filled areas may work loose, leaving holes in the surface that require patching.


Marble tiles with deep fissures are at a greater risk of breaking under the pressure of heavy furniture or appliances. When trying to determine the quality of a marble tile, turn it over and check the backside—if a fissure is noticeable on both the front and the back, the tile may crack if something heavy is placed on it.



You can improve your accepting district or remain with marble tiles and pieces. This is a normally suffering material that envisions a fundamental part in your home’s beautification. Marble stone is strong and excellent. It can without a lot of a stretch join into any strategy and outline.

  • This is more significant and solid than the Indian granite supplier in UAE.
  • This is considered the most strong and thick standard stone.
  • In case you are hunting down a trademark stone for a high-improvement zone then the stone would be an incredible choice for you. It is an ideal stone to use in the territories where style and class are required.
  • Its crystalline structure is continuously impenetrable to recoloring, scratched spot, and recoloring that marble so this can be flawless to use for a kitchen edge.
  • It is available in a mix of surfaces and tones that influence it to rise. This isn’t really proportionate to other standard stones as it has grouped surprising characteristics.


This is an astonishing ordinary stone that is ideal for feature islands, kitchen edges, eating tables, bar tops, and floor materials. Decisions are unending.


Granite has been used in many places such as buildings, paving, bridges, monuments, and various exterior projects. When we look at the application of granite in its polished form, one application that tops the list is countertops. It makes one wonder how is granite a decent choice for the countertops.

Changed several countertops over the last years? Granite countertops are durable. And by durable, it means the granite and the countertop can last a lifetime. Therefore, they are worth the investment. If treated with caution, granite countertops require only a few repairs.

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Worried about placing hot items from the oven and stoves over the countertop? Granites are heat resistant and therefore do not blister or melt when exposed to heat. This is one factor that makes it ideal for kitchen countertops as you can place any item taken directly out of the oven onto the granite.

Concerned about the scratches the sharp objects can give the countertop? Granites are one of the hardest substances found on the earth and are scratch-resistant too. So, you need not worry about sharp items such as knives creating scratches on them.

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Every item once purchased requires maintenance at some point. The same theory goes with the granite countertop. But the good news is that granite countertops don’t require much maintenance. Don’t get damaged easily and therefore it makes it an ideal option for countertops. But in case of any damage, get it repaired only by professionals.



I just got a new house in Bangalore. I would like to know what’s the best option for flooring Marble or other Natural stone?

You can choose any of the stones you like. I would suggest you look for your budget and your living style/pattern before you choose any stone or marble for the flooring of the house. In marbles, you have Indian marble, Italian marble, and many more to choose from. If your budget is on the lower side, you can opt for Kota. Very few (who have a high budget) prefer to have Granite as flooring. It is mostly used for commercial and industrial purposes. All these stones come in various colors and designs, so you can choose as per your budget. These days Marble is most commonly chosen for flooring in Indian homes.

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What type or category of Marble is best for flooring?

Indian marbles are very good for Indian homes. Indian marbles are available in different price ranges. So, you can choose from as per your budget. But if you have a really good budget Italian Marble is best. Italian marble also adds style and value to your living.

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How are these marbles available, in slabs or tile-like? And what do you suggest I opt for?

If you have hired an Architect or Interior Designer, then marbles would be brought as per their designs and budget gave by you. But Marbles are can be brought in slabs (which are 4’x6’, 8’x4’, etc. in size) and small pieces (i.e., 1’x1.5’, 2’x1.5’, etc. in size) too. The cost will depend on the size and whiteness of the marble. I would suggest you opt for new slabs if you have a good budget. And if Otherwise, you can opt for marble cut-outs.









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