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Marble & Granite For Your Friendly Budget

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It’s hard to know how much marble will cost you. Price jumps with thickness, finishes, size of the slab and edging. Here are some facts about marble counter-tops and tile that will give you insight into how much the marble you want will cost. But a marble counter-top can be pricey. Typically, Carrara is the most affordable marble. And although most Carrara is mined in Italy, the beautiful stone is found in China and other countries, too. Armed with these facts, you can make choices that will cut the price and make your selection more budget friendly.

Bhandari Marble World Granite Mines
Bhandari Marble World Granite Mines

When it comes to marble, color can cost. But the funny thing is, less color is often considered more valuable. Marble slabs with little veining, or virtually no veins, can be hard to find. These marbles, like Thassos White Marble, can create a clean, monochromatic look. You pay a premium for this calming stone. Most people realize that Nature is not perfect. And natural stone, like marble, comes with fissures, pits, and cracks. Those variations make marble counters interesting; but perfect, they’re not.

bhandari marble world granite
Bhandari marble world granite

If you want slabs with fewer imperfections, you’ll have to pay more or switch to material like quartz, which is manufactured from stone and resin and is nonporous. Edging gives your marble slab its distinction. You can go with a straight edge, which has a contemporary feel, or chose a waterfall edge that is complex and classical. The fussier the edge, the more your marble counter top will cost.

Statuario 8


Marble & Granite are the gorgeous, long-lasting, and gleaming substance. It’s also one of the first stones to be utilized as a durable flooring material. The Marble & Granite enhances the beauty of your floors in both your home and office. Granite can be installed in the office, home, porch, parking lot, and swimming pool with various types of finishing options. Granite is commonly used to create flooring. For the marble & granite to be beautiful there should be less diversity in the patterns. More pattern variation makes the flooring look pretty unattractive. We chose the best Marble & Granite for flooring by comparing availability, consistency, and costs.

Natural Stone
Natural Stone


The costs of natural stones are often determined based on the stone’s origins, the minerals in it, and how abundant it is. Because some natural stones are more abundant and accessible than others, they may be less expensive than a rarer stone. This would eliminate questions like: Is the natural stone they’d like for the island available as a raw material in that size? What about the seam placement for the counter top?

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Dyna Marble

Homeowners look at things like edge details, type of sink installation, thickness and finish of the stone, mitered waterfall edges, full height back-splashes, and cutouts. Beyond these decisions, the most important one that will impact your budget will be the type of natural stone you choose. Reversing the timeline and thinking about natural stone first can help not only elevate the space but can be more budget-friendly in the long run.

Bhandari Marble World Granite Tiles
Bhandari Marble World Granite Tiles



Natural marble has varied colors depending upon the presence of impurities in the limestone. Artificial marble, on the contrary, has versatile colour and patterns, which enhances selection diversity. The colors are artificially added and often lack the natural colour, texture, grain, and shine of natural marble.
The pristine elegance of marble has made it one of the savviest home decor choices for home buyers. Marble flooring in the living room or a marble-top kitchen counter can add eye-catching beauty to the intrinsic state-of-art decor. Are you wondering if artificial marble is real marble? Let’s find out how natural marble and artificial marble are different!

pebble black granite 4 555x415 1
Pebble black granite 


White Marble & Granite are the hard, lustrous stone. This is a consistent substance that is perfect for flooring. White Marble & Granite tiles are available in a variety of sizes to meet your flooring needs. For increased durability and strength, we recommend. White Marble & Granite are not only a popular choice for kitchen counter tops but also flooring.

granites banner
Granite banner


Platinum White is a brilliant material that is ideal for low-cost flooring. The cost is the most significant benefit of adopting Platinum White Granite. This granite is resistant to the elements and has a long lifespan. This granite comes in polished, flamed, and suede finishes to suit every flooring need. Platinum White Granite is available in a variety of sizes for use as flooring. You may also use this granite for kitchen counter tops.

P White Granite
P White Granite


This granite is primarily dark brown, with white and black flecking throughout. This sort of granite resembles the Earth tones more closely. This is excellent for anyone who wants to bring a little bit of nature into their home.

cat eye granite 500x500
Cat Eye Granite 


If you’re looking for a black granite floor, the Black Galaxy Granite flooring is one of the greatest choices. Similarly, the Absolute Black and Black Galaxy Tiles are popular flooring options. The tiles are sorted without a line, making them an extremely high-end flooring option. Black Galaxy Granite tiles have a very reasonable price range. Kitchen Counter tops are also made from tiles. In Black Galaxy Granite, you can use any size for your flooring needs.

black galaxy granite 500x500
Black Galaxy Granite 


This granite is extremely fine and, in texture and color, nearly resembles sand. This is ideal for anyone who lives in a home with beige or sandstone-colored walls. This Tiger Skin granite is perfect for anyone wishing to give their property a more natural appearance. However, edging can save you money, too. You can finish a thinner slab of marble with a decorative edge, which will make the stone look thicker and more elegant.

indian juparana granite 500x500
Tiger Skin Granite 



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