Marble is a metamorphic rock containing calcium carbonate and can be identified by the veins of color streaking through the stone. It can be honed, tumbled for a softer look or polished to a high shine. It is porous, prone to staining and can be scratched with a knife, unlike granite.

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Granite is an igneous rock formed at extremely high temperatures and is largely made up of quartz and a combination of other minerals like mica, iron ores and feldspar. It is an incredibly hard construction-grade material that can receive a high polish or be left in its natural state.

You should not be able to scratch granite with a knife. Although typically resistant to staining and acid damage, it is somewhat porous and requires sealing. Granite can be recognized by its distinct speckled appearance, thanks to an abundance of different mineral chips, flecks or veins.

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A dense, metamorphic rock, slate is prized for its strength and durability. Unless it is honed down, slate has a naturally textured appearance and appears in varying shades of dark, earthy colors.

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Less dense than marble or granite, limestone is a sedimentary rock that typically appears in shades of beige, taupe, light blue-grey and off-white. Its finish is usually honed and it does not hold a high gloss polish. Limestone requires sealing as it stains easily, and is not suited for high traffic areas.

Nomo Studio clads Stone House in Menorca with limestone from its site | Limestone  house, Stone house, Stone facade


Travertine, a sedimentary rock, is a type of limestone that features a mottled, crystalline appearance in varying shades of white, yellow, beige and tan. It is a fairly soft, porous stone that has natural divots and surface voids, which are usually filled with plastic resins or other fillers. Over time, these fillers can decay and fail.

Travertine walls enclose Casa ZTG in Guadalajara by 1540 Arquitectura

Unless resealed, travertine will eventually accumulate dirt and bacteria within those surface voids.

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