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We Bhandari Marble World the biggest exporter of Indian Sandstone Verities. If you want to give a retro look to your kitchens, offices, homes, or any other interior/exterior you can surely go for sandstone. The sandstone gives a castle-like environment around or something like the woods which would trigger your nostalgia. Sandstone primarily comprises sand-sized minerals or rock grains.

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Natural Stone Sandstone

Natural Indian sandstone is very hard it becomes ideal to be used as a building material. Sandstone owes its strength to the consolidation of sand particles over many years through a natural cementing substance ‘Silica’. Sandstone is the youngest of the stones belonging to the quartz family.

landscaping but interestingly it is oft used building material. Sandstone slabs, countertops are very popular and gaining both recognition and greater interest these days. Sandstone flooring and the use of sandstone tiles are gaining importance like never before.


Uses of Sandstone

Sandstone is used in various areas known as Wall cladding, exterior, interior, interior flooring, exterior flooring, paving exterior, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles-counters-floors, bar tables, tabletops, pool surroundings, driveway, car parking, garden way, garden walkway, outdoor pathway.


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Indian Red Sandstone

In such an intense appetitive world, it becomes quite difficult to corner down to a company that is way ahead of the rest. However, as you search from sites regarding the most appropriate company, you will surely assist yourself in getting the best among the rest. There are some things in the world that money cannot buy. Only smart thinking and a detailed search can help you get that. Indian Grey Sandstone is one of them since you need to act in the right way. Hence you need to be sensible enough in making the right choice. After all, you are just going to love yourself all the more. So what are you waiting for!

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Red sandstone


  • SLABES SIZE: 60CM X 180CM & UP, 120CM X 240CM & UP, 150CM X 270CM & UP.
  • CUT TO SIZE TILES: 30X30CM, 30X60CM, 60X60CM, 40X40CM, 60X40CM, and 60X90CM.


Ravacast Cast Stone GFRC Colors Finishes Sandstone

Sandstones come in various varieties. There are three dozens of varieties discovered by the suppliers of sandstone India. Though every variety discovered in sandstone comes with different shades of colors, the naturally designed patterns found on the stone are almost similar.

sandstone supplier

To explain the similarities and differences in details, we have picked up the Dholpur Sandstone. This sandstone has a yellowish-gold base having wavy patterns and sparkles of white shades. This natural stone passes through several finishes depending upon the requirements provided by the customers. The finishes are mentioned below:

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  1. Top/Bottom Natural-Cut Edges
  2. Natural Brush + Calibrated
  3. Natural Calibrated Machine-Cut
  4. Polish Calibrated Machine-Cut
  5. Tumbled + Sandblasted Calibrated Machine-Cut
  6. Top/Bottom Machine-Cut Edges
  7.  Top/Bottom Natural-Cut Tumbled
  8. Top/Bottom Natural-Cut Tumbled/Calibrated
  9. Natural Hand-Cut Tumbled / Calibrated / Edges
pink handcut tiles

Not all the finishes are applied to the sandstone; however, every finish brings a new shade and uniqueness to the stone. 


Bhandari Marble World is one of the reputed and recognized sandstone suppliers from India that offers premium quality Dholpur Beige sandstone products at competitive rates. The organization manufactures tiles, slabs, and stone articles from the preferred sandstone. The USP of the company is ‘quality at competitive rates’.

dholpur beige sandstone 182273

Décor Your Home with Different Color of Sandstone

Sandstone comes in different colors, patterns, and types, therefore making it a popular decorative material among the pupils. It happens to be the top choice of anyone wanting to renovate his or her interior or even exterior. It adds a touch of both class and elegance to the space of any home or office. In India, we also are known as Sandstone Exporters in India as India has the biggest industry of Natural stone.

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Uses of Sandstone


Sandstone has been used in design for thousands of years and was a favorite of ancient cultures. One of the favored uses of Sandstone that is still being used today is building columns. Columns are often used for load-bearing purposes but are mostly built for adornment. Give your home a European ambiance with beautiful marble pillars.

stone pillars 432094


Sandstone has a translucent surface. When highly polished, it allows light to enter. Light falling on the surface, makes it glow softly. These important properties qualify marble to produce beautiful sculptures. The world’s most famous sculptures are made of sandstone.

Dholpur stone sculpture 3 570x401 1

Floors and patterned walls

Sandstone tiles come in a wide range of colors. While most people choose to tile an entire floor or wall in the same shade, with perhaps a stripe or two, it’s possible to lay tiles in a contrasting color to create a pattern. Thus, Sandstone is a perfect choice for your home’s flooring and even walls.

Vernon Road with furniture


You can even decorate your outdoor spaces such as a patio, pool deck, garden, walkways, fountain area, and driveway with sandstone

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Other Uses

Sandstone is a versatile material when it comes to its usage. It can be used for the decoration of walls, floors, ceilings, fireplace surround areas, and backsplashes.

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Care and maintenance

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the Sandstone installation maintenance. Sandstone installations should be mopped daily with a soft clean cloth and should be thoroughly cleaned using stone specific cleaners at least once a week. They should be repolished and resealed twice a year to retain their luminous look.  If these instructions are followed then sandstone installations can look brand new even after decades.

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About the Author Hi, I am D.C. Bhandari, chairman of Bhandari Marble World living in India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh. I love seeing the new and creative ways people use our Marble, Granite, and Natural Stone. Our customers are so creative. My favorite design style preppy traditional mix with modern especially pieces that can be found at a vintage or antique stone. I like to invent travel, search, experiment with natural stone products. For more posts visit our website.

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