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Always considered a material of prestige and timeless elegance, marble is still used today in the decoration of luxury hotels all over the world, which benefits from its many varieties and its versatility, making it a reference material for construction and the furnishing of such spaces.

Therefore, the hospitality sector often sees interior designers and architects reinterpret marble, and marble elements, to adapt them to the aesthetic taste of the moment, turning hotels’ lobbies, rooms, and decorative objects into iconic elements in the collective imagination, introducing new trends followed then by different sectors.

Hotel & Marble: The Use of Marble in Luxury Hotels

The marble present in hotel projects (especially luxury) is synonymous with quality and uniqueness and still remains the preferred aesthetic covering, despite technological innovations that have brought alternative solutions to the market for interior coverings.


If we think of marble in hotels, the first images that come to mind are the majestic lobbies that welcome travelers, starting new experiences for them. Like the Fontainebleau in Miami, famous for its black and white marble tiles with a modern flavor pattern; the Waldorf Astoria Hotel – Roosevelt in New Orleans with marble mosaics dating back to the original structure built over a century ago or the Raffles Singapore, one of the most majestic hotels in the world featuring a classic style lobby that could not exist without the pristine white marble flooring.

Marble lobbies in luxury hotels | TINO Natural Stone

Initially, the focus of the use of marble in the hotel sector was centered on the flooring of the lobbies and common spaces, over time other areas and furnishing elements have been the subject of marble design, such as the countertops of restaurants and bars that – like the hotels that host them – add that touch of elegance that characterizes these luxury buildings.

Powerhouse remodels Rotterdam office foyer to resemble a hotel lobby


Nowadays, the hotels where we are going to accommodate during our trips became even more important than the destinations themselves. We carefully select the hotels we would like to stay. It is obvious that the interior design approach that hospitality industries adopt has become one of the most important aspects affecting customers’ decision-making process. As a result, the interiors of hotels have become much satisfying, sophisticated, and luxurious in recent years.

Hotel Floors Tell the Tale

Due to the increasing number of hotels and competition between them, hotels have turned to designs that will distinguish themselves from their competitors. It goes without saying that absolute customer satisfaction comes first place in the hospitality industry. The key goal is to keep the level of service, quality, and comfort up. Therefore, hotel interior design is more important than ever before.

Projects - Hangmao

The interior design of a hotel is highly important for both residents and employees. Bright, spacious, and luxurious hotel interiors will make the guests feel comfortable and privileged. In addition, employees will establish stronger ties with the organization and will be more friendly and solution-oriented in their communication with the guests. Let’s review our article together on hotel interior design and the use of marble.

Marble | Bhandari Marble World


Bathrooms are also often made of marble: the bathroom of the hotel room is one of the first things that guests observe and analyze and the use of this material is notoriously known of strong visual impact and makes the traveler feel immediately pampered by elegance and luxury. Yet, if on the one hand, the use of marble in the bathroom in the hospitality sector is a growing trend, the statistics linked to the falls of guests in hotel bathrooms due to surfaces that are too smooth and shiny are also rising.

Indian White Marble By Shree Ram Expo - Shree Ram Expo

The choice of finishes in a hotel project is very important, the right surfaces are essential to recreate an environment that makes users feel good and that at the same time creates the background to the storytelling designed for this structure, thus making the experience unforgettable.

Not only floors, wall coverings, and countertops, but also smaller pieces of furniture such as lamps and knick-knacks contribute to the luxurious atmosphere that surrounds this type of hotel.
Marble, therefore, becomes an integral part of the travel experience, enriching it with further beauty and giving a touch of both.

6 Advantages of Marble Flooring | Nalboor


Marble steps forward as a first choice for most designers not only because it makes the interior look spacious but also due to its natural beauty and unique texture. Marble always adds a charming touch to space. One of the features that people are looking for in their environment is a clean and spacious look. It is easy to achieve this look by using white AKASIA marble. If you want to create a more sophisticated space, you can try to use white AKASIA marble combining dark materials on the same surface. By doing so, you can create an extraordinary look and impress your guests.

Piano Feature Wall and Floor | Rise Hotel - Lithos Design


Lobby: As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the design of lobbies is very important. Because lobby is the first place where guests form an opinion about your place just by looking around at your design, décor, and materials used. Therefore, to leave a positive impression on your guests you can make the lobby look ten times more charming by using marble, especially white marble.


Corridors: Hotels may choose to adopt a more contemporary approach and use elegant-looking white and light gray marble on a wall or floor coverings of the corridors.

Stairs: Marble can easily be applied to hotel stairs, railings, or walls.

Rooms: The room interiors, where the guests spend most of their time, are highly important. Therefore, an appealing design is needed. With the simple yet elegant appearance of marble, you can create timeless and appealing spaces for many tastes.

13 Commercial lobby ideas | lobby design, lobby interior, lobby interior  design

Common Toilets and Room Bathrooms: Since marble is an easy material to clean, it will facilitate cleaning and maintenance in the common toilets where hygiene is the first priority. Marble is the first material that comes to mind when it comes to room bathrooms.

Restaurant: Restaurants are one of the most commonly used areas inside the hotel, and needs constant maintenance. It is not a good idea to use materials which are difficult to clean and easily damaged, such as parquet or carpet. For this reason, it is a more sustainable and aesthetic choice to use marble that will facilitate maintenance and provides a pleasant environment to the guests while dining.

Premium Photo | Reception waiting area lobby with wall decorate sales  gallery on white marble floor and table with chair 3d rendering

Pool and Spa: Marble is highly resistant to water and heat. As a result, marble is always the first choice of the hotels to use in areas such as pools and spas. Besides its durability, marble will also positively change the atmosphere of the space.

Marble Façade: Marble is a material that can easily be used on the façades of the buildings as well as interiors and allows designers to create impressive structures. Architectural design is one of the most crucial elements that reveal the spirit of the space, as a result, creative use of the materials will add an identity to the hotel and contribute to the impression on the guests. But be sure to choose the correct marble as not all of them are suitable for exterior use due to the reason of easy wear and different climate conditions. It is better to take a piece of advice from an expert before cladding your building exterior.

AJSNY | Design Process & Presentation Rendering Examples — AJSNY


As well as aesthetic reasons, the materials to be preferred in hotels should also be durable due to high circulation. For this reason, choosing a solid, water and impact-resistant material would be logical.

ME Dubai hotel at the Opus by Zaha Hadid Architects






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