Top 5 Marble Of The World

Top 5 Marble Of The World

Top 5 Marble Of The World

Below Result Of Top 5 Marble Of The World Base On Survey Of Taking Opinion From More Then 10000 Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Hoteliers, Contractors, Stone Specialist Done By World’s Most Reputed Stonemart World And Marble Stone Advisor
Top 5 Marble For Home 🏡, Villa, Hotel 🏨 , Project And Temple 🛕
Why White Italian Marble Is Preferred Choice For Every Flooring Surfaces?
Why Statuario Marble Is No. 1 Marble Of World 🌎?
What Are Similarities And Difference Between Statuario Marble, Carrara Marble, Calacatta Marble, Makyavakya Marble And Venetino Italian Marble?

White Italian Marble Are Considered To Be Superior By Many Reasons Due To Its Purity, Durability, And Beautiful White Color. The Fact That Many Buildings, Sculptures, And Other Works Of Art Made Centuries Ago Out Of White Italian Marble Still Exist Today Is Considered A Testament To Its Longevity.

Today We Suggest You World’s Top 5 Marble From Thousands Of Marble Are 

  1. Statuario Marble, 
  2. Carrara Marble,
  3. calacatta Marble, 
  4. Makya Vakya Marble ,
  5. Venetino Marble.
statuario marble

1. Statuario Marble
Statuario Marble Italian Is Most Luxurious And Premium-grade Marble Known For Its White Background And Distinctive Gray Veining, Highly Prized For Its Elegance And Beauty Ranked No 1 Marble Of The World.
Statuario Marble Is The Highest Quality Marble Quarried From The Mountains In Italy.
Premium-grade Statuario Marble Is The Top Most Type Of Marble That Is Found In The Carrara Mountains Of Italy And Islands Of The Mediterranean Sea.
Statuario Marble Is A High-quality Marble. That Is Mostly Used In Home, Villa, Hotel, And Projects. We At Bhandari Marble Group India Offer A Wide Range Of Statuario Marble In India.

2. Carrara Marble
Carrara Marble Is A Beautiful And Semi Luxurious Type Of Marble That Is Quarried In The Carrara Region Of Italy.
Carrara Marble Is A Durable Italian Marble Which Is Used To Make Flooring, Elevation, Decoration, Countertop, And Monuments.
Carrara Marble Has Softer Gray Veining And A More Subtle Overall Look Compared To Calacatta And Statuario Marble.

3. Calacatta Marble
Italian Calacatta Marble Is A Distinctive White Italian Marble With Gray And Gold Veining Rank 3 In The World Of Marble. Available As Marble Slabs And Marble Tile In Both Honed And Polished At Bhandari Marble Group India.

4. Makya Vakya Marble
Experience Opulence Like Never Before With Our Latest Addition: Pavnanzo Marble And Makya Vakya Marble By The Infinity. Indulge In The Timeless Beauty Of Italian White Marble.
Makya Vakya Marble In India: Makya Vakya Marble Boasts A Stunning White Backdrop Adorned With Intricate Grey Patterns, Creating A Visual Masterpiece Available At Bhandari Marble Group India.

5. Venetino Marble
Venatino Marble Is Rank 5 Timeless Italian Marble With A Grey Tone And Texture On It. It Is One Of The Most Durable Marble And Considered To Add Shine.
Grey Tone And Texture, Venatino White Marble Is A Classic Type Of White Italian Marble.
Produced On A Large Scale At Our Well Equipped Processing Plant, The Venation Marble Is One Of Our Best 5 Products. It Is In High Demand Among Our Customers Available At Bhandari Marble Group India In Quality, Quantities And Factory Price.

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