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Top Marble suppliers in India  

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Top marble market in India  

Which is the largest producer of marble in India?

Kishangarh Rajasthan

Kishangarh Rajasthan is known as the Marble City of India and one of the largest producers of dimensional stones in the world. The marble market has more than 11000 marble sellers, suppliers, manufacturers, and exporter/importer in Kishangarh. The Infinity marble by Bhandari marble group India  is the top marble suppliers in India.

Which company marble is best in India?

Top 10 Leading Marble Companies of India

1.The Infinity luxurious Imported marble

2.Bhandari marble group

3.Aclass marble

4.Classic Marble Company.

5.Bhandari marble world

6.Rk marble

7.Square feet marble

8.Bhandari Marble Company

Marble centre

Bhandari marble corporation

What is the price of 1 sq ft marble in India?

Bhandari Marble Group India

Product Name   starting Price in Rs.

Indian White Marble Thickness: 10-15 mm            ₹ 30/ Square Feet

10-15 mm Polished Green Marble, for Countertops           ₹ 40/ Square Feet

White Polished Finish Marble of Thickness: 14mm 50 ₹ per square feet

Wonder white marble 50 ₹ per square feet

Banswara purple marble 75 ₹ per square feet

Banswara white marble 90 ₹ per square feet

Indian onyx marble 125 ₹ per square feet

Katni marble 50 ₹ per square feet

Yellow marble 75 ₹ per square feet

Pink marble 45 ₹ per square feet

Indian Statuario marble 150 ₹ per square feet

Indian Carrara marble 75 ₹ per square feet

Italian Statuario marble 500 ₹ per square feet

Italian Carrara marble 400 ₹ per square feet

Calcutta gold marble 750 ₹ per square feet

Who is the biggest marble producer?

India is the one of the biggest marble producer in the World evidently is the biggest exporter of marble. Indian quarries are rich in producing marbles and granite and they have some of the biggest quarries on the planet. Although Indian marbles aren’t exactly as exquisite as, say, Italian marble, they are still known for their quality.

Who is marble King of India?

Kishangarh is the marble kingdom and The King Of Indian Marble-Bhandari Marble Group India.

Which Indian city is famous for marble?

Of course Kishangarh

Known as the marble city of India, Kishangarh is located in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan and is famous for its artistic paintings, religious places and marble processing industries.

Top Marble suppliers in India

And The Infinity Bhandari marble group Kishangarh is famous for best quality marble.

Which marble is most luxury, best demanding,  highest quality,  and very costly?

What’s the Most Expensive Marble in the World? Although Italian  white Statuario, Italian Calacatta gold and Italian Carrara white marble are  cost most depending on the size of the piece, the most expensive marble in the world is white statuario, a natural type of marble stone from the heart of Carrara. Discover more about the world’s most expensive marble and granite visit us

Which country marble is best?

India and Italy

While marble is quarried in many countries around the world including Greece, USA, India, Spain, Romania, China, Sweden and even Germany, there are 2 countries which is generally considered the home of the most high-grade and luxurious marble available are India and Italy  and both types of marble available in our stone studio The Infinity luxurious Imported marble by Bhandari marble group India .

Which state marble is best in India?

In India, Rajasthan has the richest deposits of marble.  Indian marble is available in numerous colours such as white, yellow, brown, beige, pink, green, black etc all colors and designs are available at Bhandari Marble Group India .

Which marble is best for flooring?

Let’s explore some of the best options for flooring:

White Statuario Marble. Originating from the town of Carrara in Italy, this iconic white marble is synonymous with best quality marble of the world .

Carrara Marble.

Calcutta gold Marble.

Banswara white marble  Green Marble.

Katni marble

Beawar Black  Marble.

Pink Marble.

All are available at Bhandari marble group.

How much is a full slab of marble?

Marble Slab Size

On average, expect to pay around $60 per square foot, or 450 ₹ though it can cost as little as $40 per square foot 300 ₹ (for common, lower-grade Imported  marble) or more than $100 per square foot 800₹  for rarer or high-grade marble.


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