Apparently the only tangible element in architecture and for that matter in any art form is “material” and rest all stands intangible as anything and everything to think about art and architecture both .

In the process of defining architecture by thinking about form and space the tangibility comes as final destiny through the intangible struggle of mind to think about material in most logical manner

At one point the process becomes natural and organic to think about architecture through sensory intervention of material.

It is like a bird weaving her nest with “whit”or a spider quickly weaving its web with “silk”, it produces in the process only.

Sanjay Kothari
Sanjay Kothari

Material has to loose its natural identity for the sake of achieving timelessness .

Materials have a tendency to speak loud and so to create chaos until the silence takes over as architectural destiny through most spiritual process responsible for turning “material” into “immaterial”.

It is divine process of merging own identity something like – brick turning into arch for Louis Kahn and concrete into corbusier’s sheer wall or dome to take care of conceived monumentality in architecture .

Sometimes it makes me feel that “architecture” is all about material and its ever changing identity through most intangible thinking process.