One of the world’s biggest marble, granite, and natural stones markets, Kishangarh is certainly the most famous place to shop finest quality marble slabs and more. The most popular marbles in the world, Kishangarh Marble is famous for its dramatic look and feel with a little softness. It is available in the most famous designs and sizes which is used for Bathroom walls, Kitchen worktop, Backsplashes, Floor and more. It is highly recommended to use the best quality marble for interior décor, for which Kishangarh is the most visited to shop marble slabs.

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Kishangarh is part of Ajmer district, a Covid-19 red zone, but there is only one case in the rural part of the town. The novel coronavirus lockdown has, however, severely impacted the marble industry, halting all operations due to the restrictions imposed.


1 Bijolia Stone Price Start From Rs.100/- and Above
2 Burberry Black Price Start From Rs.75/- and Above
3 Dark Green Marble Price Start From Rs.50/- and Above
4 Fire Red Price Start From Rs.125/- and Above
5 Flawless White Price Start From Rs.250/- and Above
6 Golden Black Price Start From Rs.150/- and Above
7 Golden Marble Price Start From Rs.50/- and Above
8 Indian Lavento Marble Price Start From Rs.150/- and Above
9 Lady Pink Onyx Price Start From Rs.75/- and Above
10 Light Green Marble Price Start From Rs.35/- and Above
11 Marble Tiles1 Price Start From Rs.15/- and Above
12 Marble Tiles2 Price Start From Rs.15/- and Above
13 Marble Tiles3 Price Start From Rs.15/- and Above
14 Milky White Price Start From Rs.35/- and Above
15 Oman Red Price Start From Rs.75/- and Above
16 Rainbow Price Start From Rs.75/- and Above
17 Rainforest Brown Price Start From Rs.90/- and Above
18 Rainforest Gold Price Start From Rs.90/- and Above
19 Rainforest Green Price Start From Rs.90/- and Above
20 Spider Green Marble Price Start From Rs.100/- and Above
21 Teak Price Start From Rs.40/- and Above
22 White Marble Slabs Price Start From Rs.60/- and Above
23 White Marble Price Start From Rs.100/- and Above
24 White Super Quality Price Start From Rs.300/- and Above
25 Wonder Beige Price Start From Rs.35/- and Above
26 Wonder Marble1 Price Start From Rs.100/- and Above
27 Wonder Marble2 Price Start From Rs.100/- and Above
28 Wonder Wood Price Start From Rs.75/- and Above
29 Ysl Purple Price Start From Rs.35/- and Above
1 Bala Flower ce Rs. 105 per sq. ft.
2 Black Galaxy Price Rs. 175 to Rs. 200 per sq. ft.
3 Black Pearl Imported Price Rs. 500 and Indian Price Rs. 90 per sq. ft.
4 Blue Pearl Price Rs. 500 to Rs. 550 per sq. ft.
5 Cats Eye Price Rs. 200 per sq. ft.
6 Chima Pink Price Rs. 72 per sq. ft.
7 China White Price Rs. 70 to Rs. 80 per sq. ft.
8 Corona Pink Price Rs. 85 per sq. ft.
9 Crystal Yellow Price Rs. 85
10 Deserts Brown Price Rs. 90
11 Ilkal Red Price Rs. 105 to Rs 145
12 Indian Juparana Price Rs. 130
13 Jem Red Price Rs. 120
14 Jhansi Red Price Rs. 80
15 Kashmir Gold Price Rs. 120
16 Khammam Medium Black Price Rs. 150
17 Khammam Zed Black Price Rs. 225
18 Koliwada Blue Price Rs. 90
19 Lakha Red Price Rs. 180 to Rs 200
20 Lavender Blue Price Rs. 135 to rs 140
21 Light Rosy/rosy Gould Price Rs. 60
22 Multi Red Price Rs. 70
23 Nasoli Flower Price Rs. 100 to Rs 110
24 Paali White/p White Price Rs. 60
25 Paradiso Price Rs. 130
26 Pink Pearl Price Rs. 110
27 Rajasthan Black Price Rs. 75
28 Rajshree Red Price Rs. 105
29 Rubi Red Price Rs. 170
30 Rosy Pink Price Rs. 60
31 Sindoori Red Price Rs. 100
32 Tan Brown price rs 100 & above
33 Warangal Black Price Rs. 160 to Rs 165

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Kishangarh Marble Market is the best marble market in Rajasthan which is between to Jaipur & Ajmer. You can come this place by any vehicle, it can be car, train or flight..

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KISHANGARH, Rajasthan is the largest producer and supplier of marbles in India. It is also known as the Marble City of India and has become Asia’s biggest marble mandi (market).

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Marble possesses an exclusive status among dimension stones due to its valuable impact and adorable look. This is a natural stone product famous for its moderate hardness, pleasant color, smooth and uniform texture, silky feel, polished surface that embraces the interior in its own style. Adding a splash of accent marble’s statement pieces will not only overwhelm everyone but will create a modern and impressive interior décor. Due to this, marble is high-on-demand for interior designing and most of it is sourced from Kishangarh.

Bhandari Marble Group – Since 1931 Bhandari Marble Group is a prominent name among the top-quality marble suppliers in India who manufacture and supply the best quality marble and granite all across the globe. With over 500 unique designs and sizes of marbles and granite, the company provides every kind of natural stone having a great finish and exclusive design.


RK Marble –Founded in the year 1989 by Ashok Patni, R.K Marble which has today become one of the Top Marble Companies in Kishangarh, Rajasthan. Its headquarters is located in Kishangarh, Rajasthan and its branches are located in Dharmeta, Morwad, Dhariyawad, Banswara in Rajasthan, and Majoli in Madhya Pradesh.

Naman Marble – Another most famous marble manufacturer and supplier in Kishangarh, Naman Marbles provide all type of imported beige marble, imported white marble, and other such products. It has its headquarters in E-5 Riico Ind.  Area, Madanganj Kishangarh, Rajasthan. Along with marble, the company is a supplier of granite, sandstone, limestone, handicrafts, and designer articles.

Evershine Marble –Established in the year 1966 by Shri Gouri Shankar Agarwal, Evershine Marble is located in Kishangarh. The company uses the latest machinery and delivers its customers top-quality products. Along with the wholesale business of Evershine marble, it also focuses on the retail side. They provide the best quality marble Indian, Italian, and Turkish marble as well as Granite & other natural stones processors, traders, importers, and exporters.

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Makrana marbles are an excellent quality White marble mined in Makrana, Rajasthan. India’s two most iconic monuments “Taj mahal” as well as “Victoria Memorial” are made of Makrana Marble. It is one of those options which never fails to deliver amazing solutions.

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