You are currently viewing Exploring The Infinity Collection of Italian Marble by Bhandari Marble Group

Exploring The Infinity Collection of Italian Marble by Bhandari Marble Group

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Welcome to the world of timeless elegance, where luxury meets legacy—the realm of Italian marble by Bhandari Marble Group, the pioneers of Italian marble in India since 1969. With a rich legacy spanning 54 years, Bhandari Marble Group has been the driving force behind the infusion of Italian opulence into the heart of India.

Exploring The Infinity Collection of Italian Marble by Bhandari Marble Group

Italian Marble Flooring:

Transform your living spaces into a masterpiece with the allure of Italian marble flooring. Bhandari Marble Group offers a curated selection of the finest Italian marbles that not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space but also stand the test of time.

Italian Marble Price:

Delve into the world of luxury without compromising on affordability. Our Italian marble prices are designed to cater to a diverse range of budgets, making opulence accessible to all.

Italian Marble Catalogue:

Explore the extensive Italian marble catalogue by Bhandari Marble Group. From classic Carrara marble to the exquisite Calacatta Gold, our catalogue showcases a breathtaking array of options to suit every taste and style.

Best Italian Marble:

Discover the epitome of elegance with our collection of the best Italian marbles. Each slab tells a unique story of craftsmanship, luxury, and sophistication that has been perfected over decades.

Exquisite Italian Marble Varieties:

1. Statuario Marble: Immerse yourself in the pure white beauty of Statuario marble, renowned for its classic and timeless appeal.

2. Michelangelo Marble: Channel the artistic spirit with Michelangelo marble, a masterpiece in itself with intricate veining and bold patterns.

3. Carrara Marble: Embrace the allure of Carrara marble, a symbol of luxury and sophistication that has graced the finest establishments for centuries.

4. Calacatta Gold Marble: Elevate your space with the golden veins of Calacatta Gold marble, a true statement of opulence and grandeur.

5. Pavnanjo Marble: Experience the unique charm of Pavnanjo marble, a distinctive choice that adds character to any setting.

6. Makyavakya Marble: Uncover the hidden beauty of Makyavakya marble, a rare and exquisite choice for those seeking exclusivity.

Top Italian Marble Wholesalers and Suppliers:

For large-scale projects, Bhandari Marble Group stands as the top choice among Italian marble wholesalers and suppliers. Our commitment to quality and excellence makes us the preferred partner for bringing grand visions to life.

Italian Marble Across India:

Embark on a journey to discover Italian marble in prominent cities across India:

– Delhi

– Mumbai

– Bangalore

– Kishangarh

– Silvassa

– Kolkata

– Hyderabad

– Ahmedabad

– Faridabad

– Gurgaon

– Jaipur


As you embark on your quest for timeless elegance, let Bhandari Marble Group be your guiding light. With a legacy that spans over five decades, we continue to redefine luxury with our exquisite range of Italian marbles. Transform your spaces into a masterpiece and join us in celebrating the enduring beauty of Italian marble.


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