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Marble For Better Home Comfort


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Bottochino Marble


The Bottochino marble is a special type of compact micritic limestone of beige.
The variety of colors of Bottochino  Classic marble is originated from the different concentration and trend of inclusions of organic and inorganic origin in the homogeneous background composed of fine mud, mainly carbonate and limestone, which takes the name of micrite.
The extreme compactness, the porosity and the low values of absorption, make it suitable for use outdoors and determine the mechanical characteristics such as resistance to compression, bending and wear.
For the beauty and the great qualities of strength, Botticino marble is widely used in architecture and interior design and is considered a worldwide very fine marble.

• Carrara marble


The main appeal of Carrara marble is its look. It is known for its white to light grey coloring with grey veining. It’s been used for thousands of years for things from sculptures to buildings to furniture. The purer the carrara marble (meaning the whiter it is with less trace minerals), the more prized it is for sculptures, such as Michelangelo’s David. The way the light hits the calcite crystals makes the stone look almost translucent and lifelike.
From a design perspective, Carrara marble has been a popular choice in places such as Italy for millennia. It’s great for things like chocolate making and pastry baking, as the stone stays cool as you work with it. It also creates a beautiful counter for any kitchen or bathroom application.

• Pavonazzo marble

A marble used by the ancient Romans, characterized by very irregular veins of dark red with bluish and yellowish tints.

• Golden Siena marble

Golden Siena

Siena is a yellow marble from Italy.
Forms: blocks, slabs, tiles
Processing options: Polished, Swan Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted, and Tumbled.
Proposed uses: Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and other design projects.

• Red Verona marble


One of the most important marbles of Italy has almost become synonymous with the splendor of Venice, indeed this marble has itself traveled further than the outposts of Venice’s extensive empire. Such is the lure of Verona Marble. While it can be found in the most important contexts of Venice – prominently displayed, for example, in St. Mark’s Cathedral – it can also be found as far away from Italy as California, seen above in the Gardens of Filoli near Woodside, where it graces a weathered Renaissance fountain with faun heads from which water once spouted in double sprays either sides of the fauns’ mouths.

• Calacatta Marble



First and foremost, in order to understand Calacatta, you need to know what not Calacatta is. Just because someone calls a Statuario marble, “Calacatta” – does not mean it is a true Calacatta. But what truly differentiates all of the white marbles in the Calacatta Region – as the Italians have discovered hundreds of years ago – is the stone’s veining and how white the background is. The more white the material, the more expensive the slabs. The more “uniform” the veining in the stone, the pricier it gets.
We only go for the best Calacatta slabs, the one in a thousand. We only choose the slabs which have the most unique veining and most clear and consistent patterns. The end result is crystal clear, even for those who can’t pinpoint Carrara on the map.

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