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Marble is timeless! The natural stone comes in many different varieties, each with its own unique coloring and styling. With its luxurious look and feel, marble can create stunning walls and floors in any room. Whether it takes the shape of an iconic sculpture such as Michelangelo’s David, or in monumental buildings like the Taj Mahal, marble has long been associated with luxury and decadence. You can see marble in the construction of many religious buildings, sculptures, and cultural landmarks. Travertine, the rough around the edge’s cousin to marble, is rising in popularity due to its more muted tones and is making its way into many interiors of late. But in the battle of the stones, which one will crumble?

Bhandari Marble World is a natural stone flooring and accessories company specializing in Marble & Granite in Form Rajasthan Kishangarh. Our Distribution Center is strategically located in the whole market of India. Are you looking for a distributor of Marble & Granite suppliers for Wholesale?

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What is Marble?

Marble is a type of limestone commonly utilized in sculpture and architecture, and forms when exposed to high temperatures and pressures. It is a favored material by sculptors in classical times due to its softness. It was easy to carve and relatively shatter-resistant. Its finish gave sculptures a particularly waxy property, making sculptures appear more lifelike.


White marble has been used around the world to create simple and graceful environments both indoors and outdoors. It is taken as a symbol of simplicity and immorality as well as providing light and spaciousness.


Amba White Marble has a pure white background embellished by veins with light grey shades. Extracted in the mines of Gujarat (India), this rock is also known as AmbaJi White Marble. This marble is one of the finest & purest natural stones and is famous for its high quality, appearance, unique design, smoothness, and color.


Raymond White Marble is a white Gray marble quarried in the mines of India. This marble is also known as White Paloda Marble. With the beautiful diagonal grey and black patterns, marble has become a popular element of construction projects.


Arna Marble is named after Arna village nearby Rajsamand (Rajasthan). It also called Arna white marble, White Arna marble, Makrana white marble. Arna white marble can be processed into polished, sawn cut, sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, and tumbled, and so on. Arna marble has a white background and light green lining shade.


Tiger Granite is famous due to its look that looks like really Tiger skin. Tiger granite is one of the hot-selling granites from India.  Tiger granite is North Indian granite. The quarries of Tiger granite are located in the Jalore district of Rajasthan. This granite is mainly used for flooring, countertops, and wall tiles. The texture of this granite is like a Tiger’s skin and hence it has got the name from the Tiger.


The P. White Granite is one of the famous varieties from India. P. white is white based having gray chunks and light black speckles. Owing to its good hardness, low absorption power, good look, and mirror polish make it popular worldwide. It takes a good polish and a smooth finish. P. White is a kind of white granite quarried in the Jalore district of Rajasthan, India. This stone is especially good for countertops, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool, and wall Cappi and other design projects. It also called Platinum white granite, P. White, P. White granite. P. White can be processed into polished, sawn cut, sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, and tumbled, and so on.


S White Granite is also known as Aqua white granite. Its black and white color gives an attractive look. The white background is an attractive color in it. It has a small figure with black and silver-gray shades.   It is medium-hard granite. This granite is extracted from Jalore, Rajasthan. Its water absorption power is medium. It can be used for all-purpose. It has grayish and blackish chunks.


C White Granite is one such variety of granite that comes with a luxurious look combined with smooth texture and depth. This classic white kitchen countertop material continues to rein popularity for its durability and traditional look. When cared for properly, the classic white granite kitchen top can last a lifetime. Its use for floor applications is also equally well known.


R Black Granite is a kind of black granite quarried in Rajasthan from the hills of Aravali. The R Black granite is recommended and considered a good option for countertops and flooring. When place in the right direction, these granites make beautiful patterns. The R Black granite is also known for its shine and color.


It’s black granite with fish-like white dots in the background. It is native to Rajasthan, India. Fish Black Granite is good for counter/vanity tops, flooring, cladding, marble handicrafts, swimming pool areas, bathroom walls and floors, fireplace walls, external and internal aids in construction. Fish black granite can be processed into polished, sawn cut, sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, and tumbled, and so on.

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