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Marble has a timelessly elegant charm, be it used for the living rooms, kitchen countertops, or bathrooms. It has always been among the most popular natural stones for home decor, and Italian and Indian marble is the most widely used varieties. In North India, Indian marble is extensively mined, making it a cost-effective option available in a wide range of colors and textures. It has a medium luster and is a stone that is comparatively stronger. The high luster and the potential to impart visual appeal to the place where it is used are highly admired in Italian marble.

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Whatever marble you pick, you need to take good care of them. Always remember to use a mild floor cleaner based on detergent or one that is specially made for marbles. Over time, marbles can also lose their shine. So, at regular intervals, to create a protective shield against staining and scratching, marbles need to be regularly polished and sealed. If you choose marble, your home is sure to have a majestic and elegant feel, whatever your decision might be. The ambiance and longevity of your home will be largely determined by your choice of marble.




Indian marbles come in a range of beautiful colors, such as white, pink, green, yellow, grey, and black. Compared to Indian marble, Italian marble doesn’t always come in a range of colors. Black, White, Grey, and Rose are the popular Italian variants. Italian marble, while Indian marble has a medium luster, has very high-quality luster, pearly and luminescent.

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The cost of laying is almost the same in Indian marble and Italian marble, ranging from Rs.100 to 300 per Sq Ft. Italian marble is fragile and requires highly skilled workmen and good supervision during installation, while a lower level of skills is required for Indian marble. During installation, Italian marble slabs should be perfectly leveled, otherwise deep cracks over a period of time can develop. Italian marble, as it is mined in Italy, is less available than Indian marble.

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The durability of structures such as the Parthenon, the Tower of Pisa, and the Statue of David demonstrates the resilience of Italian marble. These monuments were made from standard Italian marble, and for centuries they have been able to resist corrosion. Italian marbles, however, are now cut into thin slabs to illuminate the atmosphere of luxury. The marble is rendered brittle by these thinner cuts. Consequently, pronominal hair cracks form over a period of time in the marble. So, to give it extra protection, a thin nylon net is glued to the back of the slab.

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The stone is mostly used for decorative purposes, considering its delicate character. Some of the stone’s most common uses are in accent walls, tabletops, mantelpieces. Other smaller applications include the use of decorative trays, dispensers of soap, and showpieces. When it comes to Indian marbles, because of their rigid character, the applications are higher. The Indian varieties do not scratch or stain readily. Italian marble is tender and vulnerable to scratches. Therefore, on flooring made of Italian stones, heavy objects should never be moved.



Italian marble is sold at Rs. 350 to Rs. 5000 per Sq. at a number of price points. Italian marble slabs are very costly, mostly due to import duties compared to Indian stones. Their highly lustrous existence, however, causes Italian stones, despite their inflating price tags, to sell out like hotcakes. Indian marble pricing starts from as low as Rs. 50 per sq. ft and grows to Rs.250 per sq. ft thanks to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra, and Madhya Pradesh quarries. Italian marble comes in a range of texture and color, but with a small range that includes white Statuario marble, golden Bottochino marble, and light grey Carrera marble. For fans of marble, Indian marble has more than hundreds of colors.



Indian marble primarily comes from the quarries of the Indian states namely Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. These states are known to produce one of the best quality marbles in the world. In addition, India is home to the widest varieties of marble stones. You get the elegant natural stone in distinct color combinations and textures. And hence, Indian marble suppliers cater to the high demand for marble in the global market.

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The state of Rajasthan, in particular, is home to royal marble varieties once adorning the ancient palaces and fortresses. Taj Mahal is a living example of white Makrana marble quarried from Makrana in Rajasthan.



All types of marble stones are available only in slab form. On the other hand, marble comes in the form of marble tiles, slabs, and blocks.



Marble slabs from India are typically available in thickness ranging from 16 mm to 18 mm.



Marble stones come in different colors and textures. But the varieties are limited to white, light grey, beige, brown and golden. Whereas Indian marble comes in all color spectrums that reside in a rainbow. From white, yellow, green, to blue, red, golden, and black.

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Bhandari Marble World is the exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of natural granite blocks, slabs, and polished tiles in several finishes, color patterns, and dimensions from India. Properties like high resistance towards abrasion, heat, water, pressure as well as acidic and alkaline environment make this natural stone a great demand in the international market. Granite is globally reorganized as a popular construction and architectural material and India has large reserves of natural granites.

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Indian Granite is famous for the beauty and hardness. Indian Granite is popular all over the world. Fascinating colors and beautiful structure made Indian Granite as top-class Indian Granite of the world. Amongst all available building stones majorly used in Indian Granite. It is a rock with visible grains that is harder than marble. It is used to make many objects that we encounter in daily life. These include countertops, floor tiles, paving stone, curbing, stair treads, building layers, and cemetery monuments. Indian Granite is also used as a crushed stone or aggregate.  Every Indian Granite is different from the other stone pieces so they vary.


Granite is the hardest building stone; granite slabs and granite tiles occupy a prominent place among dimensional stones. Granite is mainly used for wall cladding, roofing, flooring, kitchen and bathroom installations, countertops, vanities, articles, and a variety of other interior and exterior applications.



India holds a vast wealth of natural stones. Bhandari Marble World is a name synonymous with marble in India. We are the topmost supplier of marble and granite all over the world. India produces a wide range of marble and granite, but you might not be got the natural stone from all suppliers of marble in India.


Bhandari Marble World is an expert and well-reputed marble and granite supplier in India Rajasthan based in Kishangarh. We not only offer wide varieties of marbles but also offer tremendous varieties of designs and colors. We are also one of the most trusted marble exporters in India reaching our products to the countries of all the five continents.

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We have a well-established infrastructure that includes all the advanced machinery and equipment required in the art of manufacturing to produce world-class products. We have been supported by a team of well-qualified professionals such as production experts, skilled & semi-skilled labor, sales & marketing experts, quality controllers, and administration personnel.


Bhandari Marble World always provides the best quality of marble. Before dispatching the products to our clients, we check them thoroughly for quality assurance. Our motto is to never compromise in quality. We believe that business relations can last long with quality products.

We understand the importance of quality and provide a superior quality range of Indian Granite Tiles, Indian Marble Tiles, Indian Sandstones, Brunette Brown Granite, and cobblestones in various designs.

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Bhandari Marble World is an award-winning brand of marble granite and natural stone where the age-old craft of stone meets the contemporary designs and forms. Our brand takes the art of stone creation to a new high. We started this journey of customizing Marble granite & Natural stone for Projects, including Luxury Hotels, Lounges, Palaces & Premium Residences in 1631 from our Bhandari India.

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Family, we offer not only custom-made marble granite and natural stone but with our innovative designs, we turn stone into pieces of art. Our design studio offers a variety of options from luxurious stones that are studded with semiprecious elements to natural stones made in India that resemble a canvas painting. Designs that seamlessly blend beautiful stones like Indian marble, Indian granite, Indian stones, Italian marble, Brazilian granite, and more than 45 countries’ products all over the world. Embellished with requirements to Taj never seen before handmade pieces which are unique. No longer will the marble granite and natural stone remain a floor piece, our designs & innovations are turning them into embellishments to suit your décor without which no house will be complete.

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Our marble granite and stone have adorned some of the best Homes, Banquet halls, Home Theatre, living room, Kids Room, Office, Villas, Bedroom, Residence, and Palaces across the world and are also very proud to be a part of some of the Best Hotels & 5 Star Hotel across the world.

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