Statuario Marble is an exquisite natural stone that is formed through a metamorphosis under Earth’s high pressure. Many underlying chemicals, cavities, and impurities give these marbles an elegant look and color while the metamorphosis of stones gives them a strength that can sustain for decades. Countless quarries across the world produce marble. Italian marble is considered to be superior by many due to its purity, durability, and beautiful white color. The fact that many buildings, sculptures, and other works of art made centuries ago out of Carrara marble still exist today is considered a testament to its longevity. Another reason that Italian marble is thought to be superior comes simply from the rich stone working heritage of Italy. They were the first to streamline and perfect quarrying methods still used today. The Italians have set very high standards for quality control and do everything with precision. Italians are still thought of as some of the most skilled cutters and carvers in the stone world today.

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S.No. Name of Marble Marble Image Price per sqft in Indian Rupees
1. Statuario marble 1500/- sq. feet and above
2. Statuario marble 2500/- sq. feet and above
3. Statuario marble 1500/- sq. feet and above
4. Statuario marble 1500/- sq. feet and above
5. Statuario marble 3500/- sq. feet and above
6. Statuario marble 3500/- sq. feet and above
7. Statuario marble 4500/- sq. feet and above
8. Statuario marble 5000/- sq. feet and above
9. Statuario marble 6500/- sq. feet and above
10. Statuario marble 2500/- sq. feet and above
11. Statuario marble 3500/- sq. feet and above
12. Statuario marble 2500/- sq. feet and above
13. Statuario marble 3500/- sq. feet and above
14. Statuario marble 2500/- sq. feet and above
15. Statuario marble 750/- sq. feet and above
16. Statuario marble 1000/- sq. feet and above
17. Statuario marble 1500/- sq. feet and above

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Statuario wears a cool white tone with striking veining throughout. Distinctive gray and gold markings alternating in width give Statuario an edgy appeal. Statuario marble can be found anywhere from kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom vanities. Popular applications include a captivating kitchen island waterfall design or a custom complete bathtub surround. The unique markings of the marble can be seen from a great distance and create an incredible focal point in any room. The movement in the stone itself is quite busy. Gracing the surfaces of many five-star hotels, mansions, and resorts, Statuario marble is the epitome of luxury. Limited availability and high demand make this stone a rare, yet stunning find.

Whats the difference between Statuario and Calacatta marble Acemar

Statuario is a stone with maximum white color & grey veins. This is one of the most beautiful marble in white color. If you want to give a unique pattern on your floor then statuario is the option. It adds brightness to your room.

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We are market leaders in Italian Stone in India. To discuss your options and how to make natural stonework for you, drop into our Sydney showroom today or give us a call or email and we’ll be happy to give you an honest and expert opinion! Statuario marble is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Italian marble available. It is the epitome of style and elegance and has been utilized as a symbol of sophistication and status in interior design for centuries. One such extraordinary marble said to be the finest of all in the world, is Statuario Marble. The mountain quarries of Statuario marble are located above Carrara in Italy and have limited availability and high demand. The low availability of this marble makes it more of a rare find.



Once used to grace the insides of churches, hotels, and large estates, today white marble-like STATUARIO easily accessible to the source to help add that touch of luxury to homes, bars, restaurants, commercial lobbies, offices, and building exteriors. Statuario Venato has an almost paper white background. Its distinctive and sporadic veining ranges from light to dark grey in color. Being a natural product, it is important to note that no two slabs will ever be the same however it is that uniqueness that gives the stone its attractiveness. No matter where you install it in your home, Statuario marble will give off an elegant look. In addition, since marble in general is a highly desirable material, it can increase the value of your home. This is particularly helpful if you decide to sell your home in the future. Having Statuario marble surfaces can be a major selling point. Beyond the gorgeous appearance and the value, it adds to your home, there are many other benefits that you can receive from Statuario marble. Installing this incredible natural stone may very well end up being one of the best investments that you ever make for your home.

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