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World’s Best Luxury Marble Brand

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The Infinity – Luxury Marble Intelligence, a leading authority in the world of luxury marble, has recently released its highly anticipated report on the top luxury marble brands for the year 2023. With meticulous research and a comprehensive algorithm that assesses 130 critical touch points, this year’s report brings forward the most outstanding luxury marble brands. Statuario marble, once again, takes the top spot, proving its enduring excellence. In this blog, we delve into the rankings, highlight notable brands, and explore the remarkable performance of Statuario marble.

The Rankings:

The ranking system devised by The Infinity – Luxury Marble Intelligence assigns each luxury marble brand a total maximum accumulative score of 10. This score is based on 130 touch points, focusing on a brand’s ability to deliver performance, shine, quality, values, and the quality of its natural stone. Here are this year’s results, with the previous year’s positions in brackets:

World’s Best Luxury Marble Brand

1. Statuario Marble: 10 (10)

World’s Best Luxury Marble Brand

2. Calacatta Marble: 10 (9)

World’s Best Luxury Marble Brand

3. Carrara Marble: 10 (8)

4. Venetino Marble: 10 (6)

World’s Best Luxury Marble Brand

5. Michael Anglo Marble: 10 (5)

6. Vietnam Marble: 10 (4)

Notable Mentions:

Apart from the top-ranking brands, several others have earned recognition for their performance in the luxury marble sector. These brands have scored well and will be monitored throughout the year:

1. The Infinity Marble

2. Bhandari Marble Group

3. Square Feet

4. Bhandari Marble World 🌎

5. Bhandari Marble Company

The Rise of The Infinity Marble:

The Infinity Marble, known for its luxurious imported marble, has consistently excelled in The Infinity – Luxury Marble Intelligence’s annual report. This year, they have further improved their performance across all touch points, securing the top position. The opening of their Kishangarh property has added a new dimension to their offerings, making them a brand to watch.

Bhandari Marble Group Dominates:

In a remarkable turn of events, two giants from Bhandari Marble Group India have secured the top two positions in the luxury marble rankings. This underlines the remarkable quality and performance that this group consistently delivers to its customers.

Key Takeaways:

– Statuario marble continues to be the unrivaled leader in the luxury marble industry, maintaining its perfect score.

– The Infinity Marble’s ascent to the top position showcases their commitment to excellence and innovation.

– Bhandari Marble Group’s dominance in the top two positions is a testament to their exceptional quality and service.

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The world of luxury marble is ever-evolving, with brands like Statuario marble, The Infinity Marble, and Bhandari Marble Group setting new standards. The Infinity – Luxury Marble Intelligence’s annual report provides valuable insights into the industry’s best performers. As we look ahead to the coming year, the competition is fierce, and brands are continually striving for excellence in delivering the finest luxury marble products.

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