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World’s Top 10 Marble Companies in India

Here is a list of the Top 10 Marble Companies in IndiaMarble business is a very profitable business mostly, this business work north Indians. they are expanding the business all over India. The marble retail industry depends on construction and real estate. Marble business is an evergreen business. this business will have a high impact on the real estate market. because when the real estate business is high simultaneously the marble business will be on the higher the sales.Marble retail business is an extremely expensive business in India. As per the survey, it will be the single largest hub for marble exporters across the map by 2017.Looking for Best Marble Company in India? These are the best companies, manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of marbles offering include granite, Indian marble, river white granite, granite stones, north Indian granite, south Indian granite, kitchen granite, sandstone, and Indian marbles for various uses.

The list of 10 Leading Indian Marble Companies goes here:

1 | Bhandari Marble Group

Corporate Office –Marble city Kishangarhh, Ajmer (Rajasthan)

Business – Granite & Marble Manufacturers and Suppliers | Website-

Bhandari Marble is a top marble and granite manufacturer in India. This marble company is also a renowned marble supplier as it offers a vast array of international and Indian marbles for various uses.

2 | RK Marble

Corporate Office – Ajmer (Rajasthan), Vietnam, Bangalore, Punjab, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur

Business – Granite & Marble Manufacturers and Suppliers | Website – |

RK Marbles is a top marble and granite manufacturer in India. This marble company is also a renowned marble supplier as it offers a vast array of international and Indian marbles for various uses.

3| A-Class Marble

A-Class Marble has been on a relentless journey that had left impressive footprints all over India. Today, the Company owns the largest warehouse spread over sprawling 1, 20,000 sq. ft. in New Delhi and had strengthened its presence by opening its contemporary showroom showcasing its exquisite stones in the heart of India’s National Capital Region. Website-

4| Indian Marble Company

Corporate Office – Chennai, Hyderabad

Business – Indian Marble | Website –|

Indian Marble Company is one of the most reputable stone, marble, and granite suppliers and installation contracting companies in India, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Bahrain, Karachi, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Dubai.

5 | Lomrod

Corporate Office – Jaipur, Kishangarh, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Business – Granite, Marble, Artifacts & Cobble Pebble | Website – |

Lomrod is India’s expert in natural stone, granite, and marble products. Get in touch with us today and discover what we can do for you. Lomrod Marbles is a long-established Indian company providing a range of professional products and services relating to the marble, granite, and stone industry and has been creating beautiful commercial and residential designs from the finest quality marble and stone materials for the past three decades.

6 | Classic Marble Company Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Office – Mumbai

Business – Marble Stones Manufacturer | Website – |

Classic Marble Company Pvt. Ltd. was commenced in 1994 and since then we have been sourcing marble stones from more than 40 countries. Our range is diverse as nature’s natural stone includes Onyx, Travertine, Granite, Composite Marble, and Quartz (Kalingastone) with over 500 unique designs to choose from. As the exclusive marketing partners of Techlam and Iris in India; we are forging to become a world-leading ‘form and function’ company. Quite naturally the ‘committed to you’ status has earned us credibility in the eyes of our stakeholders, corporate & retail clientele, and finally the end consumers.

7| Bhandari Marble World

Corporate Office – Kishangarh

Business – Granite, Italian Marble | Website – |

Bhandari Marble World is India’s Top leading Marble manufacturer and supplier of marble, Italian marble, Indian marble, etc. Provides the best quality marble in Kishangarh India at a low price.

8| Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd.

Corporate Office – Udaipur, Tamil Nadu

Business – Marble Tiles and Slabs | Website – |

The company operates its Marble Division from South India(Salem, Tamil Nadu). The Region is known for its rich reserves of metamorphosed granite. In conformity with its commitment to excellence, the company has installed the most sophisticated and environment-friendly granite processing machinery imported from Italy.

9 | Amit Marbles

Corporate Office – New Delhi

Business – Granite & Marble Manufacturers and Suppliers | Website – |

Amit Marbles India’s best manufacturer of high-quality marble and granite. This Indian marble company renowned marble exporter, offers tiles, slabs for your commercial and domestic needs.

10 | Marble Kingdom India Pvt Ltd

Corporate Office – Chennai

Business – Indian Marble, Slates, Sandstones and Kota Stones | Website –  |

Marble Kingdom India Pvt. Ltd. (MKIPL), popularly known as “Marble Kingdom” has been growing in multi-folds since its incorporation in the year 2005 and today takes pride over an impressive lead in catering to the arising need of distinct and quality flooring in the domestic market. In a short period, it has rapidly become the “Talk of Town” for its ethical values, comprehensive array of natural stones, customer satisfaction, and formidable product quality.





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