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Marble Price In India


Years of excellence in the field of delivering good quality marble and stone has made Bhandari Marble Group one of the most trusted marble manufacturers. We hold an upbeat social media presence as our clientele reaches all parts of the world. Marble is considered to be a luxurious natural stone that never goes out of style. Hence there is huge demand and consumption of both marble slabs and pre-polished ready-to-fix marble tiles in India. There are rich marble deposits in the states of Rajasthan, which accounts for the huge production of marble in India; the other marble-producing states of India include Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.

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Another of the qualities of White is that it is timeless and therefore, always in fashion. The shades of white Marble are innumerable. We can find whites with streaks, spotless whites, or more greyish. When it comes to matching, it works well with neutral tones. It can easily get combined with any Marble, depending on the environment you’re trying to create. This type of Marble is mostly used in small, limited, and confined spaces such as bathrooms, storage rooms, and kitchens.

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As White Marble is high-quality marble, this is the first choice of many to construct great buildings. Using Makrana Marble gives the benefit to relax for years after the construction of the building, temple, or any monument. Along with this, using the Makrana marble gives you the added benefit of making the monuments look exquisite. Makrana Marble Price in India is very less if you have the proper information of the place from which you should purchase.

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Pista White Marble

Pista White Marble is one of the finest Indian white marble with a grey light grey pista shape-like pattern on it. This marble has a very attractive look. It is widely used for interior and exterior floor construction wall and stair decoration. It is also a good choice for kitchen and bathroom construction. Pista White Marble is available as Slab and tiles. This marble has a polished, honed, and sandblasted surface finish. It is a very affordable marble. It is heat resistant, very low water absorbent, and acid-resistant. It also has a crack-free surface which gives mesmerizing look to the interior of a house.

Pista White

Wonder White Marble

The greatest truth behind designing awe-inspiring interiors resides in the abundant use of white marbles like Flawless white to bring out the sheer range of possible opulence. The color white commands respect and adoration and shiny plain white marble floors do more than that. The amazing naturally unique designs in the marble stand out upon polishing and create interiors worth admiration. It also leaves designing options open and a scope for other colors to make a difference in the interiors. Everything you want your interiors to say for you, the white floors are like an empty paper just waiting for the ink.

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Aarna White Marble

Aarna White is a kind of white marble quarried in India. This stone is especially good for Building stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, and other design projects. It also called Aarna Marble, Arna White Marble, White Aarna Marble, Makrana White Marble. Aarna White Marble can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted, Tumbled, and so on.

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Fantasy Brown Marble

With a high variation, fantasy brown marble stone product gives a new meaning to exquisiteness. The thing that makes this stone the first choice of all is its stunning flowing pattern that includes tones of pewter, apricot, and chestnut. Wearing an off-white and brown shade, this stone stuns with cool grey waves, and twirls mounted on the surface. Moreover, mineral formation is responsible for enhancing the dull tones of green and rose. These features candidly contribute to exploring the uniqueness of the stone product.


Plain Pink Marble

Pink marble is one of the premium marble products quarried from the Poloda region of the Indian state of Rajasthan. … In the construction industry, Indian pink marble is used in the form of floor tiles, wall tiles, slabs, and blocks as per the requirement. We can provide you pink marble in slabs and in tiles sizes also.


Toronto Marble

This is practically verified by the buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches, and monuments in India. Toronto Marble can be used for flooring, wall cladding, front elevations, borders & another designing purposes. Toronto Marble has been valued and used for thousands of years for its good design.

Fantasy Brown

Udaipur Green Marble

Green marble is known for its natural beauty and strength. This is a serpentine stone and due to its strength and hardness, it takes a wonderful polish. These marbles are the best choice for the decoration, flooring, vanity, bathroom, fireplace, countertops. There is no chemical treatment done in the green marble.


White Onyx Marble

It is a natural and white-colored beautiful stone with micro-crystalline quartz. It looks amazing due to its gold and grey color veins. This stone is used for commercial as well as residential purposes. This stone mainly used for flooring and countertops. This stone contains natural shining and color.

White Onyx Marble


Bijolia Stone- Price Start from Rs.100/- and Above

Burberry Black- Price Start from Rs.75/- and Above

Dark Green Marble- Price Start from Rs.50/- and Above

Fire Red- Price Start from Rs.125/- and Above

Flawless White- Price Start from Rs.250/- and Above

Golden Black- Price Start from Rs.150/- and Above

Golden Marble- Price Start from Rs.50/- and Above

Indian Levanto Marble- Price Start from Rs.150/- and Above

Milky White- Price Start from Rs.35/- and Above

Oman Red- Price Start from Rs.75/- and Above

Rainforest Brown- Price Start from Rs.90/- and Above

Spider Green Marble- Price Start from Rs.100/- and Above

Ysl Purple- Price Start from Rs.35/- and Above

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We are manufacturer, wholesaler, merchant, dealer, distributor, importer, exporter, stockiest, and supplier of every type of Indian marble. Has a wholesale market with the majority of the processing of Marble supplied in North is done? It offers Imported marble and Indian Marble both at wholesale price and quality. Focused mainly on projects, builders, etc. where the price is foremost and quality is secondary, this market is not recommended if you don’t know someone personally there. Else an extensive market and product research is suggested before going ahead with the actual purchase.

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Do not go on the first looks of the Marble. Always ask to move it around and check as many pieces as possible, to get better clarity try pouring water on unpolished slabs. We are providing stone (Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Slate stone) consultant services and also, we are arranging Marble Fitters and Architects details for the buyer at the very least price. We are providing live chat support to our clients.

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