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Statuario marble is a highly-sought natural stone because of its bright white color and visually striking design. However, it is important to note that such a precious and luxurious investment does come with responsibility. Natural stones, and marble in particular, are exceptionally durable if properly maintained. It is crucial for those who have marble in their homes or businesses to correctly clean and polish these surfaces regularly.

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The following informational guide will help those with Statuario marble learn methods to properly clean and polish these surfaces. There is also advice that must be followed to maintain your natural stone. Doing these things properly will ensure that the marble’s beauty and quality remain intact for years to come. This famous marble was used to create some of the world’s most beautiful statues from the Renaissance period. Timeless in its beauty, its crisp white background and gray veining bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to any project. Available in slabs.


Statuario marble originates from an area in Carrara, Italy. It is pure white in color and accented with gray veins across the stone’s surface. Customers choose Statuario marble for their entryways, living areas, countertops, and bathrooms because of its timeless elegance and natural beauty.

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These aesthetic qualities are able to brighten the room in any home or place of business.


There are products that can be used on marble surfaces called polishing powders, but the results are not nearly as protective, attractive, or as effective as the services of a professional. The process for properly polishing marble requires experience and special equipment. Trying to polish marble at home could result in grave and costly damages to your surfaces. This is because polishing the surfaces too much, or too little, are equally damaging.

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This is a job that is best to leave to specialized servicemen who are trained and experienced in maintaining natural stone surfaces. Professionals have access to polishing machines that are effective and produce impressive results.

Things to remember not to do:

  • Never use cleaners that contain acidic ingredients.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning tools, including sponges or brushes to clean marble surfaces.
  • Never drench the floor with a soaked mop because it will trap water in the surfaces of the marble.
  • Avoid all commercial cleaners. These will eat the surface of the marble.
  • Avoid oil or wax products coming into contact with marble surfaces. Marble will absorb these, and stains will result.
  • Never leave marble unsealed, this dramatically increases its susceptibility to damages.
  • Never drag boxes, tables, or heavy furniture across marble flooring.

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Things to Remember to Do:

  • Clean up any spills as soon as they happen. The marble will absorb liquid quickly.
  • Use cleaners that are specifically made for natural stone, specifically marble.
  • Contact Professionals to handle the polishing of your marble surfaces.
  • Marble is a porous surface, which makes it highly susceptible to staining. Statuario marble is particularly at risk because of its white color. The construct of the stone can also become cracked or suffer other accidental damages.
  • Sometimes these things happen, regardless of our efforts to protect our surfaces. When they do, it’s important to contact a contractor who specializes in natural stone and marble services. Be sure to choose a reputable and experienced serviceman to handle the care of your precious marble.

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