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Marble and Granite countertops can be used in varied application and be it in a kitchen or bathroom, they can completely transform your space. Being functional, highly long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing, marble countertops can bring a sense of luxury to your interiors. To find inspiration for your home we recommend some of our hand-picked natural stones for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

The easiest way to find the difference between marble and granite is primarily their visual impact. Marble has a homogeneous surface, with more or less thin veins that can vary in colour and intensity, while granite can be recognized by its dense grain¬†¬† composition. Simply put, granite is more intense in its colours and veins when compared to marble. Granite’s superior hardness and durable nature make it a suitable choice for kitchen countertops, bar counters or even granite floors. Granite kitchen counters will show minimal scuffing or discoloration from everyday household activities.

Marble has come a long way from being used only for flooring. Today we can envision and apply different types of marble across different areas from marble bathroom, kitchen countertops and highlighter walls to outdoor marble seating, fountains, wall cladding, bathtubs and more.

Marble Countertop Pros and Cons

Strength and damage

Created over millions of years under extreme pressure, natural stones like marble and granite are exceptionally strong and long-lasting. It does not mean that this material is indestructible. It needs to be handled carefully during installation to avoid cracking or breakage.

Resistance and porosity

Marble is heat-resistant, which is a big pro for using it for kitchen counters or even a fireplace and bathroom countertops as well. Being a natural stone – marble and granite both absorb liquids like water, oil, wine and more leading to staining. This can be avoided with The Quarry Intensification process that reduces the porosity of the slab.

Colours and care

We all know that natural stones are available in stunning colours like rose, yellow, grey, green, blue, white, black and more. The displays a breath-taking range of marble, granite and rare onyx in over 33 colours. The porosity of each marble and granite varies. So, when it comes to choosing a marble for your countertops, make sure you consult an expert to check if the stone fits into your application.

Most loved and long-lasting natural stones

Selecting the right material for the kitchen countertop and even bathrooms is an important aspect of designing these spaces. Consider it like an investment that garners benefit for years to come. Using natural stone in countertops can be a determining factor for your sense of style and your lifestyle for years to come.

“Cozy” is sometimes used to up-sell a small space, but large and luxurious kitchens and baths need a few elements that add a touch of cosiness to keep them from feeling cold and sterile. To inspire fall home remodeling projects, here are five ways to make large and luxurious kitchens and baths a little cosier.

opt for earthy materials: Natural stone always complement each other and when used in combination, they will add a beautiful and welcoming look and feel to any space.

Choose a warm color palette: Colors have an incredible impact on the mood and our emotions, so a warm palette will naturally make us feel more at home. From sandy beige to chocolate brown to rich reds, granite surfaces can be found in a wide range of autumn-inspired hues that will instantly add warmth to a kitchen or bath.

Design a custom kitchen island or bathroom vanity: Custom islands and vanities designed from furniture and granite or marble are a popular trend as they add elegant warmth to kitchens and baths.

Upgrade lighting: Add warm illumination with a chandelier or other ambiance light fixture. Lighting will also highlight focal points such as gorgeous granite islands and stunning marble floors or stone tile mosaics.

Install a fireplace: A custom stone fireplace is the ultimate luxury for large kitchens and spa-like master baths. It is always appreciated in the colder months but can be enjoyed with a simple candle display during the warmer months as well.

Marble and Granite have a wide selection of marble and granite surfaces to achieve beautiful luxury kitchens and baths that are also comfortable and inviting.

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